2019 Poll: GUDO Endorses APC, Buhari/Osibanjo, Lalong/Tyoden Re-election

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February 12, 2019

Simon Bako Lalong (left), President Muhammadu Buhari.
Support comes to them from GUDO.
By Moses Gbande, Jos

The Gamai Socio Cultural Association, under the aegis of Gamai Unity Development Organization, GUDO, has endorsed the Reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari/Osinbajo Presidential bid and the governorship ambition of Governor Simon Bako Lalong/Prof. Sonni Tyoden.

Addressing a Press conference in Jos on Monday, the Gamai Unity and Development Organization led by its President, Barr. (Dr) Theodore Bala Maiyaki said, “In this age of unprecedented shift in political, cultural, social, economic and ethnocentric realities, the desire to move with the signs of the times becomes imperative.

“The future is determined to a very large extent on the solid foundations laid, nurtured and properly guided to achieving the set goals.

“By the gracious magnanimity of the Long Gamai of the Gamai Nation, HRH Miskoom Martin Muduutrie Shaldas 111, with the unfettered commitment of the Caretaker Committee appointed by him and the unflinching support of our Local Government Chairman along with other stakeholders to whom we are so profoundly indebted, we were elected to constitute the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Gamai Unity and Development Organization on the 29th day of December, 2018. To all of them we are so eternally grateful for the rare and uncommon opportunity to serve our people. We have with one voice resolved to serve with every sense of commitment and responsibility.

“The Gamai Unity and Development Organization is the socio-cultural platform of the Gamai people responsible for preserving, promoting and facilitating the unity, wellbeing, welfare and the development of our people and land.

“We are the conscience of our people, We protect and defend the interest of our people as well as serve as the platform for promoting a seamless and simulated race relations including engagement between our people and other ethnic nationalities in plateau state and the country at large.

“Upon assumption of office and without resting on our oars, we promptly set out to deliver on our mandate. The most important being the issues of the unity and development of our people. As astute students of power politics, we understand better to redefine the context of the destiny of our people predicated on their unity as a point of contact with other ethnic nationalities.

“The last couple of decades saw the unprecedented rise in the number of socio-ethnic groups and organizations on the Plateau. Sadly these groups have exhibited the undesirable nuance of isolation and the proclivity of antagonizing other tribes who are ideally meant to be their indispensable partners in the Plateau project.

“We have set the agenda of changing the narrative by promoting an all inclusive, broad based and engagement-driven GUDO. We undertake to be the ’warm handshake’ of our people across the aisle to other tribes on the Plateau. By so doing, we believe that a congenial and warm philosophy of our shared humanity along with a coherent agenda of our common destiny as a ’people’ will not only be assured and entrenched but also consolidated. We hope to achieve the Plateau of our dreams, bound together as one undivided and indivisible unit.

“Peace is the foundation of development. Without solemn peace, no form of positive and productive engagement can be attained. We commend very strongly the undying commitment of the state government to the enchanting restoration of peace and security to our people. The changing ethno-religious paradigm of love and tolerance in the state deserves our unreserved commendation as our people are not only on their way to the mutuality of an enduring peace as it was before, but feel even more confident to build new and stronger bridges.

“We sincerely believe that the stage is now set to attract and stimulate the private sector both within and outside the country for the growth and fast track development of our dear state.

“In furtherance of the foregoing, the Gamai Unity and Development Organization toured all Gamai districts along with the Gamai Youth Movement (GYM), Nie Shara’ap ndoe lap Gamai, and the National Association of Gamai Students (NAGS). The successful mission took us to Derteng, Dokan Tofa, Moeda, Kwo, Dorok and Duut districts etc, where we offered thanks to our people and sensitized them on the need for deeper peace and engagement. We met with traditional rulers, District GUDO executives and held congresses in all the Districts.

“In the last three weeks, we have been on ambulatory consultations with our critical stakeholders with a view to not only thank them for the confidence reposed in us to lead our people, but also to secure their indispensable buy-in for the articulation and execution of the so many noble programs we have lined up during our tenure in office.

These programs include but aren’t limited to our burning intervention in the areas of Education, Agriculture, Skills acquisition, Micro finance, Peace-building and information dissemination. These visits have been thought provoking and incisive.

“They have inspired, reinvigorated the spirit of our people, reengineering them to a new dawn in matters of peace, development, good governance and improved race relations. They are assured that they now have a voice and a listening ear in GUDO. On our part, we assured them to keep faith with that covenant.

During the course of our visits, we met with stakeholders on the Plateau project ranging from representatives of some tribes, religions and other interest groups in the state. We also traversed an extensive part of the state viewing executed and ongoing projects that impact directly on the lives of our people. One phenomenon stood out eminently. Considering the approaching elections in the country, it was inevitable to have conversations on the issues and candidates that would promote and protect our collective dreams and preserve our common aspirations as a people. We had extensive examinations and evaluation of the legacies of the administration of our humble and amiable governor, His Excellency, Barr. Dr. Simon Bako Lalong. We also considered the current and obvious challenges of leadership in the state and country at large. The prognosis was the unalloyed support for His Excellency and the call on the people of Plateau to overwhelmingly vote for him in the gubernatorial elections set for the 02/03/2019.

“It was found empirical indicators with admiration. that the government of Barr Dr. Simon Bako Lalong had achieved overwhelming success in executing and completing so many projects of sustainable impact in the state amongst which are:

“Restoration of peace and security. The policy of continuity and inclusiveness, completion of many projects abandoned by previous government, prompt payment of workers salaries and retirement benefits. Numerous legacy projects around the state.
Potato value chain rated as the best in Africa. Construction of township roads in the state. Full accreditation of courses at the Plateau State University, Bokkos.

“Manpower development and other skills acquisition programs Upgrading of traditional Institutions. Employment of over 3,000 Teachers to improve the state’s educational resource base. The upgrading and renovation of College of .. resounding vote of confidence and without reservation hereby endorse the Rt. Hon Dr. Simon Bako Lalong and his Rescue administration for a second term in office as governor of Plateau State under the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC) with a view to consolidating the place of Plateau among the comity of progressive states in Nigeria and
“In the light of the above, we at the GUDO NEC on behalf of the entire Gomai nation, after having discussed extensively, painstakingly and with consensus as an aggregate of our consultations and engagements with the GUDO congresses in all Gamai Districts and branches, Gamai Elders Forum, GYM, NSJG, NAGS and all critical stakeholders resolved as follows:

To support Muhammadu Buhari as President in the forthcoming elections.

“GUDO expressly stresses its firm support for the Lalong/Tyoden team in their re-election bid. GUDO is calling out loudly on all Plateau people to come out enmasse to support and re-elect Governor Simon Bako Lalong for a second four-year tenure.

” WE implore our people to be law abiding during the forthcoming elections whilst calling on INEC to ensure the unimpeded conduct of free and fair elections where every vote counts.

“GUDO calls out to other Socio-Cultural Organizations, Friends of Gamai, ethno religious groups, the organized private sector, various interest groups, labor unions, student organizations and groups, pressure groups, women and youth organizations to come out en -masse to equally support our endorsement of the Governor in his re-election bid and to engender peaceful co-existence, cooperation and Development of Plateau state”.

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