All Talk, No Action – The Bane Of Christian Unity In Nigeria And Why they Suffer Oppression

The Oasis Reporters

January 25, 2020

When we recommended that Christians all over Nigeria should go on a one week strike with nobody going to work, we were snubbed.
We then recommended that Christians should go for a massive peaceful demonstration on the streets, they said it was too dangerous!

When we recommended that all Christians should put on black clothes on a particular Sunday, some people objected and killed idea !

Later we recommended that Christians should choose a particular Sunday, stand enmasse in their church compound and demonstrate, it was rejected!

Then we said Christians should defend themselves, it was rejected.
When we said we should form vigilantes in our towns and villages, those with financial means refused to bring out their money.

The issue of approaching our friends outside Nigeria to come and defend us was raised. This too was rejected!

We then suggested the restructuring of Nigeria into 6 or 7 Regions, and they refused to give us a loud backing.
At the suggestion that Nigeria should peacefully break into 6 countries, no one agreed, saying that God put Nigeria together. We are still waiting for the Bible passage that shows that.

God created each nation, each people, each group and endowed with resources. Each was to manage its own resources and trade with other nations.
Nigeria is not a nation. We are a country with over 300 nations. The British created Nigeria. All the countries they created have broken apart except Nigeria.

We believe in peace, love and tolerance. It should come from all sides.
Our youths are unemployed, jobless, poor and frustrated. We said let all Christians contribute at least N100 a month, so we can rebuild our churches, empower youth and give a back up for worthy candidates. It was sabotaged.

Nobody can succeed while doing NOTHING! Why are we then complaining that we have failed ? We chose failure.

Let our big churches stop building highly expensive churches, set up small cell groups that are powerful and effective and use the funds to empower the youth and widows or set up small scale industries like China and India are doing, they refused!

We say Jesus is coming soon, they say that is what we have been saying since. So they refuse to sound the alarm!
We did Repentance Prayers but we did not repent! There is no evidence of Repentance. We are doing long fasts. Very good! We did December Jamborees! It is an annual celebration. None of these has moved heaven! Heaven has not come down. We must be doing something wrong!

Rev Matthew Owojaiye

Caveat Emptor:

This piece is circulating freely in the social media. There’s no confirmation yet that it was written by Rev Matthew Owojaiye wrote it. Eventhough his name was attached to it. A lot of stuff gets circulated online, using prominent people’s names.
Should it turn out that our highly revered father and complete gentleman did not author it, we sincerely apologize in advance.

But if indeed he wrote it, we are happy to be of service.
Please note.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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