Analysis: Osogbo Votes, Ademola Adeleke And September 22


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September 11, 2018



By Olawale Rasheed

Osun State 2018 PDP gubernatorial candidate, Ademola Adeleke.

Osun governorship race enters a new phase today. The state capital city Oshogbo with the bulk of state votes openly back PDP through their development leaders. The unanimous decision of Osogbo opinion leaders, elders and dog handlers to support the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Ademola Adeleke, is a game changer.

The landmark meeting was held at the country home of Chief Olatunde Badmus at Osogbo. The gathering was an historic deal making event between two major towns with substantial bloc votes in Osun state. Leaders present aside considering the paramount interest of the state, moved further to link geopolitical deals which saw the finalization of a political pact of far reaching consequences.

Every Osogbo indegene is conscious of the reality that an APC governorship if allowed, amounts to a political suicide for the capital city. It is therefore considered in the enlightened best interest of Osogbo people to back the leading candidate from Osun West who in this case is the flagbearer of the leading opposition party in the state, Senator Adeleke. It is a natural choice for the politically savvy voters and residents of the capital city.

The gathering was thus a calculated political move by Osogbo leaders which all Osogbo voters cannot but accept and actualise on September 22. At the meeting, Chief Badmus expressed the danger behind the emergence of the APC candidate who is from Osun Central, the same senatorial district with Osogbo. He said Oyetola’s emergence will block the chance of Osogbo to produce the governor of Osun state after eight years of his government and that it will take Osogbo another 24 years before it can have the grace of producing a governor of the state.

That factual analysis enforces a deal with an Ede son for a rub my back and I rub yours partnership. An interesting thing about the partnership is that Osogbo leaders also reject an offer of a deputy governorship. They scorned the idea of a second fiddle.That decision kicks out any reckoning for the deputy governorship offer from another party from the Western district.

Additionally, the leaders rejected a third term bid by Osun East senatorial district,describing it as anti-democratic and against the spirit of harmonious coexistence among the three senatorial district in the state. That resolution knocks off any challenger for Osogbo votes from the eastern district.

But that is not the end of the deal making. Osogbo leaders also secured a firm understanding over the status of the state capital.
As a state capital traditionally expands beyond her boundaries, the issue of old feud was put to rest between Ede and Osogbo. A mutual understanding was reached which permanently forecloses any future disagreement especially when Osogbo hopes to succeed an Ede son after two terms in office.

What happened today was no child’s play. It was an event that established a strategic partnership that will influence the direction of Osun politics for a long time to come. Federal constituencies and zones are striking political deals. Bloc votes are being traded, not by political contractors but by leaders of the people based on the needs and aspirations of their towns and villages. It is no longer money for back politics; it is about votes for development negotiation.

That was why Osogbo traditional chiefs, Baales, Asoju-Obas, industrious sons and daughters of Osogbo were prominently present at the event. That was why the event was held in the day time, removing all doubt as to the integrity of the gathering.

One new feature of the current gubernatorial race is the art of deal making that has shifted away from political contractors to development contractors. In Ijesaland, the deal was spearheaded by development leaders who strategically identified gaps they want filled in return for their votes. In Ile Ife, critical needs are documented in return for votes. The igbomina people of Osun state have done the same. Likewise the people of Iwoland in Osun West.

The development contractors differ from the political contractors because of their potency and credibility. They serve the people, not their own pockets. In this case, Osogbo people struck the deal of the century.

Written by Olawale Rasheed.

Director, Media and Publicity of the Ademola Adeleke Governorship Campaign Organisation

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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