Anambra Election Analysis : Why APC’s Tony Nwoye Failed – Obi Trice Emeka

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December 2, 2017

Dr. Tony Nwoye (left), counting the cost of the loss, Dr. Chris Ngige (top right), stayed aloof and away without really getting involved and Andy Uba (bottom right) , the godfather who won’t forgive an uppity protégé, goes strategic to keep 2021 in view.
All for self game.

When Dr. Tony Nwoye was introduced to the All Progressives Congress party members after the primaries at Finotel hotel, he presented a practicable bottom-top- approach to win the election -that I believe, was the best strategy out there that will keep the real voters in view at all time while ignoring the crowd. That plan was abandoned and never implemented, it became a missed chance and one of the reasons why he lost the election.

Tony Nwoye’s campaign was probably one of the most uncoordinated campaigns – with a very poor organizational structure- the chain of command was hardly identifiable and issues became clogged up while problems couldn’t be identified and any hardly tackled .
There was simply no feedback mechanism.

BestWestern Meloch hotels, Awka obscured the performance of the Udoka office.

No penetrative media brand strategy was adopted nor developed for Dr. Tony Nwoye and his campaign was almost completely non existent in all media except social media.
“We neglected the media and our candidate received daily media hammering unchallenged in the print and electronic media”, an insider suggested.
“It’s no surprise that the candidate who invested more in the media won the election. We had young men who were ready to push the veteran journalist recruited by APGA off the ladder but we failed to utilize their potentials”, he went on.

The failure to properly evaluate the perception problem the APC had in the South East and accommodate it in the campaign strategy was wished it away, which was a singular minus – most of the perception were ignorance bred and could have been tackled appropriately.
The lack of a proper SWOT analysis also became an albatross.

“The belief that elections are won in the polling units on election day cost us dearly. Unlike Dr. Tony Nwoye I know, we didn’t undertake a serious ward campaign in most wards and considering our peculiar perception in the state, waiting to do magic at the polling unit was a disaster of a plan. Most of the electorate made up their minds on who to vote for long before coming to the polling unit”,

APC party structure and agents were not properly trained, and having been in the opposition for long had little or no motivation to campaign or poach voters. They simply waited to compensate their persistent suffering with election funds.

It’s also rumored that some high ranking members of the party in Abuja connived to limit the ability of our candidate to raise money within the APC caucus- which hindered their ability to campaign efficiently as funding became a major problem.
Due to the influence of these influential members at Abuja, the candidate received abysmal support in funding and in every other aspect from Abuja. They also ensured that the opposition controlled both INEC and the security agencies.

Lastly, most party stakeholders refused to converge their interest in the gubernatorial ambition of Dr. Tony Nwoye; they saw the emergence of Dr. Tony Nwoye as an end to their political careers – that he will run them out of politics.

Despite being the chairman of the election committee, Dr. Chris Ngige never showed up at the campaign office for a day, neither did he partake in any campaign with the candidate except in Alor his hometown.
He raised no money for the campaign, rallied no stakeholder nor energized party members for the task at hand. He just did nothing.

Sen. Andy Ubah was no different as he couldn’t stomach the fact that his political son will rise above him in politics and claim what he has fought all his political life for – governor of Anambra state.
Most of Sen. Andy Ubah loyalists also refused to participate in the election. Rather than see Tony succeed they became the stumbling block.

Written by Obi Trice Emeka

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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