APC Setback In Zamfara State: Eating The Humble Pie And Curbing Insufferable Arrogance

The Oasis Reporters

May 28, 2019

With an interplay of tribal cum religious forces and the arrogance that emanates from brutal and coercive forces, Nigeria has remained numero uno of very docile people and a lethargic country where the tiny but powerful controllers determine what will be and how it will. It will be very difficult for a Sudanese kind of uprising or the push for change we saw in Algeria or Tunisia to occur in the most populated African country. There can be no Nigerian spring in the mould of the Arab version playing itself out in the Nigerian clime.

Ordinarily when the political happenings in Zamfara state is put under sharp lenses for forensic examination, one is hard put to configure why a political party that failed not only itself but it’s entire people, sweep to victory in such a shocking manner. One, Zamfara people are being killed in their thousands every month by uncontrollable bandits. It’s powerful officials fled with their immediate families out of the State, abandoning the weak and the helpless to die alone at the hands of killers.

Yet at election time, these same emigré leaders who rule from Abuja, swoop on the state and win near landslide victories all over!

Such a laughable venture, when you ask if the docility is equivalent to pathos in long suffering and endurance.
Where the people really the true voters who returned the incompetent bunch of politicians and their cronies to power or was there something hidden from the eyes of the public that propelled the victory of the party?
The only way to unravel any such future occurrence is to pray for Mr. President to benevolently grant the country, an unfettered real-time electronic voting and results declaration in a free and faIr manner as we recently saw in the South Africa elections and other advanced democracies all over the world. Let votes count, and be seen to count transparently, to remove the urge for the request of ballot recount, three months after elections have been concluded.

Nothing could have stopped the swearing in of the protegé of the outgoing governor, Mr. Abdulaziz Yari who is often accused of governing the State from Abuja by the embattled citizens. As helpless as the citizens have been, an unrelated happenstance has lifted the bowed head of Zamfara.

The loss of Zamfara State to the opposition People’s Democratic Party through the Supreme Court verdict now makes the All Progressives Congress pipe down from their arrogant pedestal of choosing legislative officers only from amongst themselves to the exclusion of the South East and the South South.
All because of their frenzied desire to win at all costs, thereby overlooking party rules and regulations, not because the PDP or the people did something different. Hubris just caught up with the ruling APC party.

The self-inflicted damage has further compounded APC’s woes in the North, which hitherto was regarded as the party’s traditional base in view of the fact that Zamfara State has now joined states like Sokoto, Bauchi, Adamawa, Taraba and Benue states, which are already in the PDP fold.

The ruling party’s numerical strength in the National Assembly with its 65 senators has now reduced to 62, while its members in the House of Representatives plunged to 217 from 224.

With the new figures in the calculus, lawmakers angling for the National Assembly leadership positions in the APC like aspirants for the Senate presidency – Senators Ahmed Lawan, Danjuma Goje and Mohammed Ali Ndume could be forced to concede the Deputy Senate Presidency and chairmanship of some key committees to the PDP, which now boasts 49 senators in the upper legislative chamber, according to a Guardian newspaper report.

The YPP still occupies one seat, while the fate of two outstanding seats “won” by outgoing Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, and Senator Ben Uwajumogu have been practically determined by the courts which has said that there were no APC primaries in Imo state.

Already, one aspirant for the speakership of the House of Representatives, Mohammed Umar Bago, conscious of the realities on ground has openly promised to share committee chairmanship seats with the opposition parties on equal basis, in defiance of the APC leadership.

Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, who is the APC top contender for the speakership is said to have made concessions to the PDP caucus in order to achieve his goal.

Talk about changing dynamics and grins being wiped off faces of the arrogant.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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