‘Appropriating 27Bn Naira To Police For On Location Elections Is An Overkill’ – Dino Melaye


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January 7, 2019

Senator Melaye Slumps after the invasion of his home and capture by police to answer questions.

The brutality that visited Senator Dino Melaye representing Kogi West District and the siege upon his home under the insistence of Nigeria’s police to arrest him on certain charges, came as a huge shock to Nigerians who watched the incident as it unfolded either online/real-time or via videos that have long since gone viral on the Internet.
Melaye’s brushes with the police did not start recently. It has been lingering.

He recently stood up on the floor of the Senate to oppose the bill which sought to scale down, if not cancel outright, the 27 billion Naira proposed for the police during the forthcoming general elections that would commence on February 16, 2019 and end two weeks later in early March.

His argument was that since it was a general election unlike the gubernatorial election in Anambra state, where 20,000 policemen were deployed from other states on a date different from the nationwide gubernatorial election usually held on the same day and a special allocation had to be budgeted for, as it also happened in Edo and Ekiti in addition to the Osun election that saw a deployment of 25,000 policemen.
Appropriate more money for those out of season elections was in order, according to him.

But for the general elections starting in February, the policemen are required to be in their various areas of operation to monitor the elections that would be held nationwide.
He therefore queried the rationale behind an extra budgetary allowance of 27 billion Naira when Police expenditures have already been captured in the budget.

He got cheers.

Dino Melaye is an opposition party, People’s Democratic Party, PDP Senator. But then, he had defected initially from the PDP to the All Progressive Congress, APC, under which he won the Senatorial election. He later moved back again along with the group of the nPDP, a breakaway faction that ensured that former President Jonathan lost the presidential election in 2015.
Going back to the PDP has been a tumultuous experience for him because his home state Governor practically declared him an enemy of state, and Dino Melaye’s travails commenced, with a recall process to throw him out of the Senate.

It failed.

Now the police say he should surrender because his thugs either fired at one policeman or something close to him did.
Dino resisted. After a prolonged siege, his apartment was attacked with equipment for a break-in and Dino Melaye was captured, as he slumped.

Nigerians watch as the latest Dino Melaye saga continues.
Is it the same battle that has been ongoing which intensified last year or is this an angry throwback at the move against the 27 billion Naira proposed allocation?

Speculations are rife.


Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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