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February 13, 2018


Illegal kid voters give northern states their high election figures all the time.
This was at the recently concluded local government elections in Kano state, north west Nigeria.

Let me state upfront that I am not about to voice any ulalations or preference for military governance. I am well aware that political scientists have always posited that the best military government cannot in anyway be compared to the worst civilian ( Democratic ) government. At best, this statement or assumption is self serving in many a way.

Put in another way, military governance is unconstitutional whereas civilian governments are predicated on a constitution written or unwritten. A seemingly democratic government can though be hijacked thus acquiring the contorted or grotesque face of something worse than a military government.

Let us examine our type of democracy currently in operation in Nigeria. There is a written constitution outlining how our government ought to evolve. There is the principle of separation of powers between the tiers of government. Elections are held periodically but such a government can still be hijacked by a few for their self interest. As is the case with the current government, our democracy or what is left of it is in a quandary, thanks to the hyenas and or jackals Aisha Buhari ( The President’s wife ) spoke about sometime ago. The activities of the cabal have become a complete embarrassement to our democracy for the simple reason that they did not stand in any election to claim that they were voted for the positions they are occupying. There is already established within the lush green gardens of Aso Rock a colony of mixed hyenas and jackals and surprisingly these animals, all carnivorous are supposed to be antagonists but in this particular case they are coexisting harmoniously.

The powers wielded by the cabal domiciled in Aso Rock makes complete nonsense of the entirety of the powers of the National Assembly.
Dare them, only at your own peril. Very sadly they are not sourced from across the length and breath of the nation to be trurly representative. This is how the balance of power is tilted very much in favour of a particular part of the country.

The cabal appears to be be quite pleased with the myriad of crises arising from insecurity across the nation. They also appear to have a strategic end, the elevation of the interest of a particular ethnic grouping well and above those of others. Even the most despicable of military governments cannot afford to do what these guys have wrought on this hapless nation.
The combined weight of the National Assembly has fallen flat before these characters.
I can emphatically surmise that they have or are overstretching their luck for the very simple reason that power is so transcient. History and its reservoir of lessons may not mean anything to the cabal as they continue to ride the waves of power but we have seen how the like’s of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi ended up after power had departed their shores.

This government has largely failed in its primary responsibility of providing for our security and that of our property. Any gains made in wearing down the Boko Haram insurgency has been eroded by the myriad of killings orchestrated by imported Fulani terrorists operating with utmost impunity all over the country. This failure in itself amounts to corruption of the highest order which neither Magu nor anyone else can investigate or do anything about.

A military dictatorship derives its powers from the barrel of the very guns bought with public money with which they are supposed to defend the constitution. As things stand, we voted for the current government hoping that our fortunes will change for the better but we have sunken deeper into both group and individual poverty.
Our ears are continually being assaulted by pronouncements that we are impatient. If in 3 out of 4 years, we have patiently waited for the goodies and are yet to see any, we can conclude that the remaining one year cannot make any difference in our already miserable lives since it will be diminated by electioneering campaigns for the 2019 general elections.

It therefore amounts to an insult on all of us to be accused of impatience. We are simply being told to wait on end. Not many of our country men and women are buying into this argument. It is such brazen failiure in the past which tempted the military into thinking they could make the difference. At the very least, there is little or no acrimony openly expressed in the open during the period of military governance. If anything at all the military have always ensured that there is peace across the nation. What is more, where possible, there is usually a representative arrangement at the highest level of governance to ensure every part of the nation is carried along. There is a travesty in our current democratic arrangement where the cabal holed up in Aso Rock is having a field day operating whichever way they choose, much in the manner of a military government.

In Kaduna State, while seemingly in a democratic government, we have a dictatorship of the worst type ever. With the State assembly having been put under the little man, is doing just what pleases him.
The very institutions through which he rode to power he is now presently pulling the carpet under their feet. A military government though unconstitutional yet leverages its services and goodwill without fear or favour.

Given the travails of our country men and women under this type of democracy, were an opportunity to be given them to make a choice between what now passes for democracy as currently operates in Nigeria and a return to military rule, the outcome will be overwhelming in favour of military governance for a variety of reasons.

First Nigerians cherish living in a secure environment in which they can go about their day to day businesses. This peaceful environment is in a deficit for now or so it seems as a result of the activities of Fulani terrorising our people in almost every corner of this country.

Secondly, a military government deals with issues and situations promptly without having to wait for long delays for the National Assembly to legislate on those. The absence of strong national institutions is being exploited by the cabal in our current democratic process to foist their personal and obviously selfish agenda on the rest of us.
As things stand for now, not many Nigerians are concerned about the processes by which our leadership emerges, but with the effectiveness of the leadership.

Above all, a military government holds the component parts of our nation closer together than this manner of democracy which is elavating religion and ethnicity. These negative values very rarely find expression in military governance.

For emphasis, I must never be mistaken to be advocating military over democratic governance. We need therefore to grow and to strengthen our institutions so that we do not have a cabal operating outside of the law as is currently the case.

Written by Gora Dauda.

Dauda is a commentator on public affairs and writes from Kaduna.

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