Boundary Delineation: How Two Isoko Communities, Igbide, Emede Finally Ended Their Communal Clashes

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March 20, 2021

Boundary delineation in progress between Emede and Igbide. Photo: Jubilant Uzuazo Igelige.

A social media post by Uzuazo Igelige reports that Igbide and Emede communities in Isoko South local government area have kissed each other with the kiss of peace.

An Isoko nation had woken up one December 2020 morning to view online, a shocking video of an inter community clash that saw wanton destruction of Emede town by youths said to have been invaded by youths alleged to have come from Igbide.

Hair dressing salons, provision shops, homes etc were doused in petrol and set ablaze. It was an explicit video, in both images and voices.

Stakeholders quickly rallied round and a meeting was convened on 7th March, 2021, by Isoko Development Union (IDU), led by Prof. Chris Akpotu, to discuss and wade into the crisis.

Finally, finishing touches were put in place which culminated into the Emede/Igbide peace process.

Uzuazo Igelige reports that “today, let me officially announce to the general public that by the Grace of God, we now breathe a sigh of relief. People can sleep with two eyes closed. The long awaited peace has come to stay as we have successfully completed the “last lap” of the boundaries delineation between Emede and Oteri-Igbide, Okpaide Bush.

To this extent, every unhealthy fight for supremacy has come to an end. No more nervous apprehension. This kiss will linger till eternity.

Isoko sons and daughters should celebrate this unfathomable leadership feat, as it’s the beginning of good tidings. Most importantly, we must specifically appreciate both communities for adhering to IDU’s terms of settlement. Kudos to 1st Vice President General, Crown Prince Desmond Ogbaudu, for leading the team.

Congratulations, peace has come!”


Jubilant Igelige (JP)
Publicity Secretary
IDU – Worldwide

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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