Buhari’s Reinforcements Of The Foundations of Northern hegemony Have Had The Opposite Consequences

The Oasis Reporters

December 27, 2020


Catholic Bishop of Sokoto diocese, His Lordship, Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah.

“It is curious that President Buhari’s partisanship and commitment to reinforcing the foundations of northern hegemony have had the opposite consequences.

For a long time, beyond the pall of politics, very prominent northerners with a conscience have raised the red flag, pointing out the consequences of President Buhari’s nepotism on national cohesion and trust.

With time, as hunger, poverty, insecurity engulfed the north, the President’s own supporters began to despair and lament about the state of their collective degradation. Was this not supposed to be their song?

The north that the President sought to privilege has become a cauldron of pain and a valley of dry bones.

Today, the north itself is crying the most and why not?

No one has suffered as much as they have and continue to.

The helplessness is palpable and the logic is incomprehensible.

One Northern Imam after the other have posted videos of lamentation on the social media asking why, with all the cards of power in the hands of northern Muslims, everything is bursting in the seams.

How come our region has become a cesspool of blood and death?

Why did President Buhari hand over a majority of the plum jobs to Northern Muslims?

Was it for efficacy and efficiency? What was the logic?

President Buhari must pause and turn around because his policy of nepotism has been rejected by the gods”

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah

Christmas Message December 25, 2020

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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