Care For Your Mobile Phone And It’s Reasons For Disability


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February 9, 2018


Have you noticed that suddenly, someone you’ve been chatting with on Whatsapp goes off. Ask the acquaintance why, and it’s usually that the phone went bad.
Until he or she gets another phone, it’s bye bye to whatsapp, and probably other social media services .

It shouldn’t be so really.

When smartphone devices came to us in Nigeria, they had good cameras, memory card and enough internal memory.
But with the descent to recession and inflation, prices of mobile phones did not accurately reflect the true rate of inflation.

What gave?

The Chinese phone manufacturers still wanted to do business. So, the memory card went off. The camera quality dropped significantly. There was only a slight price increase. And many thought it might be the Buhari body language performing magic Jonathan was not savvy enough to figure out.

So with the loss of many accessories in the mobile  phone, it’s quality dropped significantly.
And with the explosion in phone ownership and whatsapp penetration, all gadgets were overloaded with too much data in videos, audios and what have you.

Sooner than later, what you download would be more than the capacity of the phone and the result would be a crash.

Averting A Crash

You may buy a memory card and insert in your device, but remember that most phones these days reject cards. Most applications would be inaccessible any longer once you introduce a memory card.

Your best bet is to watch videos and delete. Or cut it to an external hard drive, perhaps a memory card or a laptop and keep your phone free. You can always retrieve your videos or pictures from that external source.

Always display your phone on a connected laptop and check the memory level. It would show Green or Blue. In that case, you still have space.
But when it begins to show Red, delete things you do not need. Or transfer them to another device.

Always consider your memory level before downloading any video . If it still has enough space, go ahead. In the alternative, create space before new downloads.

There are things though, that consume very insignificant space. Like website links or texts. Even some pictures that have reduced pixels, especially from websites . Those ones are usually in Kilobytes(kb). They are very safe and take very little space.

You should count your space before downloading anything in several megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB) like full length movies.
Those are the space guzzlers.

Which ever way, keep browsing….but watch your ‘weight’…perhaps, space.

Written by Greg Abolo.

Abolo is a blogger and publisher of

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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