Christmas Day Boko Haram Executions Of Christians: In Reprisals For US Killing Of ISIS Leader

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December 28, 2019

Abu-bakr Baghdadi

The Christmas Day executions of more hostages, the fifth time this month, in the longest series of executions by the terrorist group is a further new low in Boko Haram’s annals. The prior killing of Action Against Hunger Aidworkers exceeds Nigeria’s record for the deaths of one aid worker per quarter for the last 10 years.

In addition, the occurrence on Christmas Day which the Terrorists celebrate with horrific attacks on Christians is especially disturbing to every civilized mind.

As far back as 1914, opposing British and German forces agreed to a spontaneous ceasefire in the famous Christmas Eve armistice of World War One.

In Nigeria, Shiites visited with Christians and presented gifts on Christmas Day.

Boko Haram has destroyed hundreds of churches and lives in Yobe State as we recently reported. On Christmas Day 2011 alone, they went around Yobe and killed over 200 Christians.

Yet, Christians turned out en masse to celebrate Christmas in Yobe State.

The picture shown on this is one of the most courageous sights ever beheld.

The people in this church rebuilt it after it was burnt down. Even then attackers smashed the windows.
This week Boko Haram attacked the capital city of Yobe in one of four simultaneous assaults in the area but Christians courageously turned out in their numbers to honor Christ openly.

This is a tribute to their faith and courage and not the cowardice and murder of the terrorists.

We take this opportunity to thank the Nigerian military for successfully repelling the assault on Damaturu, Yobe State amongst others.

We commend the Shiites are all people of goodwill who felicitated with Christians this Christmas.

We acknowledge with gratitude the visit of new Borno Governor Prof Zullum to Southern Borno to celebrate Christmas with the marginalized Christians of the region. We urge him to give Christians a full sense of belonging in the state and ensure the rebuilding of all their destroyed infrastructure and the return of confiscated mission schools including GGSS Chibok.

We question the rationale of siting an army university in the Army Chief’s hometown of Biu which has again come under Terrorist assault. Had a military garrison or armory been stationed there, the public won’t have minded so much given the military necessity of such an intervention. However at a time when the government is lamenting the terrorists’ nuclear aspirations, its misguided university was no help to the security of the Biu people.

This myopic project is further evidence of a leadership bereft of ideas and an indicator for regime change in Nigeria’s defense management.

The terrorists claim of reprisals for the USA’s killing of ISIS leader is indicative of global terror linkages that must be concertedly addressed by in the international community.

Nigerian Christians have been killed for Danish cartoons, US invasion of Afghanistan and now for the US killing of ISIS leader. The world must stand with us for being vicarious sacrificial lambs.

Written by Barrister Emmanuel Ogebe


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