Collective Safety And Wellbeing Of Southern Kaduna, Under Immense Threat – Gora Dauda


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January 1, 2018

The latest events in Southern Kaduna and specifically in the Numana Kingdom of Sanga Local Government Area in our besieged Kaduna State is the clearest indication yet that our collective safety and wellbeing does not amount to anything to the government of the State and indeed the Federal government of Nigeria.
That the present leadership in the State took an oath to secure all of us and ensure our welfare is the greatest fallacy ever.

Some facts are inimitable.
No government either at the State or Federal level allocated any lands to our people. God Almighty did the allocation placing our different peoples where he deemed fit.
Today, that land that God Almighty gave to our people is what terrorists desire to drive our people out of.
Religious colorations have come into the struggle. Our people by nature are not a belligerent lot, but a war of attrition is being waged against us. Not once and not twice but on several occasions, our people have been mowed down in their numbers by the terrorists and murderous Fulani jihadists.
Thus far governments at all levels have been lethargic in taking any action to protect us. These attacks have taken place in Kaura, Jamaa and now Sanga.

The message is clear enough, our people will remain a bunch of idiots if they continue to fold their hands hoping that anybody in government cares about them.

The Fulani herders met our people living on their ancestral lands and our hospitable people took them in as neighbours. Today they are not content with the mutual coexistence, they want to supplant our people from their God given land. These invaders deploy the most sophisticated military weapons in executing this jihad. They or their sponsors are doing whatever is necessary to distort history, as sacrosanct as history is.

The assassination of the Numana monarch, his wife and possibly others was deliberately planned and meticulously executed with ruthless efficiency as he went to his village to be with his subjects.

This tragedy is the greatest challenge ever to the authority of both the State and Federal governments. Aside the usual rhetoric of empty words of condemnation nothing concrete is going to be done to apprehend and punish the perpetrators.

In the circumstances therefore, our people should fall back on their God given right which no government can take away from them and urgently take all necessary political and legal measures to ensure that they and their land are protected.
Not undertaking this will be the greatest blunder of all times. Such steps will amount to lending our atrophized government a helping hand.

Thus far nobody has cared to investigate the sources of arms and ammunition in the hands of these jihadist groups. Until urgent steps are taken neutralize the arms in the hands of the jihadists, these sad events will continue to take place until we the indigenous people are completely annihilated.

In the meantime, I offer my very heartfelt condolences to the entire people of Numana Kingdom.
The accompanying message is that the people of Southern Kaduna must be prepared to defend themselves and their God given land or else there is a grand conspiracy to take the land from us. Under no circumstance should this happen. We cannot go elsewhere which presupposes that we have to hold unto what God Almighty has given.

Written by Gora Dauda.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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