Conspiracy Of Silence On Nigeria’s Fallen Fighters In The North East


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November 24, 2018

The real tragedy of last Monday’s massacre of over 100 Nigerian soldiers by Boko Haram IS NOT that the slaughter was carried out by a terrorist group our own government told us has been “technically defeated”

It is not even that the terrorist group sent a letter on Friday, informing the military that they were coming to take over their base and still came on Monday (3 days after), slaughtered over 100 soldiers in a single attack and took over their equipment and base.

And of course, the tragedy is certainly not the fact that the over-fed, over-pampered, over-indulged and over criminally inept Political Alleluia Boys masquerading as Service Chiefs were busy attending President Buhari’s “Next Level” campaign while innocent men whose only ‘crime’ was wanting to serve a country that doesn’t want to be served were being sent to confront ISIS affiliated terror group with substandard weapons.

Neither is it the fact that our ever unaware President who by the way, is supposed to be a retired Military General leading from the front, recently requested and got 1 BILLION DOLLARS (not naira) which he swore would be used to equip our soldiers to confront this same Boko Haram.

And don’t get it twisted, the fact that this same President has never hidden the fact that he has a soft spot for Boko boys and has demonstrated this by releasing dozens of their commanders from prison and paying the terrorist group billions in shady ransom deals is not the real tragedy here.

The tragedy of this whole thing is that dozens of attacks even more bloody than the Metele slaughter have been happening on A REGULAR BASIS with Nigerian Editors refusing to report such news in compliance to an unholy deal they’ve since entered into with the Nigerian govt officials who would rather sacrifice a million of their own soldiers just so they can sustain the devilish propaganda of winning the war on terror.

That we had to read the news of such a mountainous tragedy from Agence France Presse (AFP), New York Times etc before Nigerian papers should tell us more about the level of unholy intercourse between our government and the media which is supposed to be the Fourth Estate Of The Realm.

Rest In Peace brave soldiers.

You didn’t die in war. You were sacrificed by your own government to appease Islamist barbarians, the same Islamist barbarians your own Commander-In-Chief does not even see as Terrorists but freedom fighters fighting to advance the course of their religious belief.

May your families find comfort even in the midst of conspiracy of silence on your death by your own government, senior commanders and the Commander-In-Chief.

Written by Charles Ogbu.

Mr. Ogbu is a Political Affairs analyst and social media commentator.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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