Covid-19: With The US Past The Grim Milestone Of 100, 000 Deaths, Trump, New York Times Render Tributes.

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May 31, 2020



Locked-downs ease, as US passes a grim milestone of 100,000 fatalities at a time too, that President Trump’s ambivalence gives conflicting signals with face masks. To wear, or not to wear.

A number is an imperfect measure when applied to the human condition. A number provides an answer to how many, but it can never convey the individual arcs of life, 100,000 ways of greeting the morning and saying good night.

Prominent newspaper, New York Times earlier last week paid tribute to all that passed on by picking about a thousand names for mention. People that gave in to the grim harvest of the Covid-19 pandemic that so far has no vaccine. No known effective cure.

Here are just a few names that the newspaper mentioned in an interactive newspaper that looks like a cross, amalgamating print and the electronic.

Courtesy of the iconic paper, here we are :

Lakisha Willis White, 45, Orlando,Fla.
She was helping to raise some of her dozen grandchildren.

Jeanne Hammond Byrnes, 97, Danbury, Conn.
She received numerous awards for her accounting skills.

The immensity of such a sudden toll taxes our ability to comprehend, to understand that each number adding up to 100,000 represents someone amongst us just yesterday. Who was the 1,233 person to die ? The 27,587th ? The 98,431st ?

She may have died in a jam-packed hospital, with no family member at her bedside to whisper a final thank you, Mom, I love you.

He may have died in a locked-down nursing home, his wife peering helplessly through a streaked window as a part of her slips away.

They may have died in subdivided city apartments, too sick or too scared to go to a hospital, their closest relatives a half world away.

This highly contagious virus has forced us to suppress our nature as social creatures, for fear that we might infect or infect others. Among the many indignities, it has denied us the grace of being present for a loved one’s last moments. Age-old customs that lend meaning to existence have been upended, including the sacred rituals of how we mourn.

Thanks for the tribute, NYT. That was moving.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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