Death Is Life And Life Is Death, The Dual Vista Of Our Living Reality That No One Celebrates

The Oasis Reporter

April 18, 2020

In death even the king is
but a man. Here lies a

I was thinking that this would be a befitting epitaph to the Aso Rock Chief of Staff, now seized up by the cold hands of death.

No one celebrates death. And indeed, no one should. We are all mortals, who will die someday. Death is life and life is death.

To the extent that he who lives must know that his life belongs not to him. Therefore, the best days on earth should be those spent in the best way to prepare for one’s death. Death is the dual vista of our living reality: the Hyde of our Jekyll.

The greatest threat to our understanding of essence is greed, which itself is a chimera of multiple hybridism. Greed, power, wealth, wantonness, ruthlessness all mix in one another and colligate in a total ability to seize the mind.

Abba Kyari was an excellent scholar. A lawyer. Havard trained. A rare brain. His street place popularity as a lawyer may have eluded my knowledge but not his exploits at the corporate place, as would be expected of many graduates of his generation. Lucky to be trained to luster at the time when the country could do anything to assist their education. Lucky to be received and treated to esteem at that same time when it was an honor splashed in national pomp to be a graduate.

Out of sheer greed, people like Abba Kyari forgot to bestow back to the country what they gained from her. They ripped posterity ruthlessly in their devious and capricious focus on the moment. They squandered and scuttled the social structure, or any little semblance of it, upon which planks they forded to success. It is Nigerians like Abba Kyari that have turned our collective good to only a delectable goo. They feast in it like maggots, splash some and stash some, all the while smacking their oily lips from the gusto of its vanity and vainness.

In Africa, homage to the dead behoves that no ill is spoken about them. And so, as an African, I will speak no ill of the late Chief of Staff. But, perhaps, if the Nigerian of his generation was not so selfish and short-sighted, only perhaps, his life might have been saved.

This death once again calls to question the much touted integrity of Buhari’s administration. Budgets after budgets dedicated to improving facilities at Aso Rock. The clinic. The kitchen. The soak away. The many such other uncountable number of recycled Budget heads. Even though we do not sully the dead in Africa, should we not at least, take stock?

Let us shed two pious tears on this occasion; one mirthless one for the avoidable death, and the other, to mourn the rascally propensity and mindless misadaption of our common wealth by those who should care, for Kyari represented them all.

My first pious tear resonates with the quote with which I began this article.
As I intimated two weeks ago, events will begin to unfold in Nigeria not long from now.

In Abba Kyari’s death, a king lies.

Dedicated to nCov-19.

Written by Diamond Akpanika

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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