Delusions And Paranoia In Pursuit Of Real Or Imagined Enemies

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March 2, 2018


Anyone who has been following the actions, inactions, demeanour and indeed what the emperor of Kaduna State has been saying of late will come away with the thinking that Don Quixote in Miguel de Cervente’s fictional novel with the same title may have come alive in Kaduna.
Cervantes explained that he undertook the writing of Don Quixote to undermine the influence of those “vain and empty books on chivalry”.

Don Quixote, is a middle aged gentleman from the central Spanish region of La Mancha obsessed with the chivalrous ideas touted in books he had read and therefore picks his lance and sword to defend the helpless and to destroy the wicked. In the pursuit of this noble objective in his view, he would charge at windmills and even empty spaces.

The moment he thought there was an enemy real or imagined, he would charge in that direction. Such is the level of what I call, “l the delusion of grandeur” in our man and something tells me it is possible that Cervantes’s Don Quixote of La Mancha may have resurrected in the emperor of Kaduna State.

When someone who is supposed to build and gather together goes about pulling down and or scattering, surely, such would have qualified for a long session with a leading psychiatrist to determine if such is not a danger to the State and society in a general sense.

After over 3 years of a lack lustre performance as governor of Kaduna State, the water is draining away and fast from the pool in which the emperor is the only big fish. In due time, the pool will be fully drained and the big fish will be there exposed to the elements, fowls of the air or better still humans, that they may enjoy some cheap fresh fish pepper soup without going out fishing. We have a situation in Kaduna in which the emperor is so obssessed with power that he will not think twice using a sledgehammer to kill a mosquito that is perched on a sensitive part of his body.

There is no use for us in Kaduna crying over spilt milk having him as governor and though we may not be able to undo this reality, we can and we shall constitute an albatross to his second term ambition. He has not come clean to categorically deny his quest for a second term rather, he is cavorting it through either dubious, deceitful and therefore undemocratic means.

We have variously been educated by many others of his tactics for achieving the ends he desires. One of such said that before he became governor and on to being an emperor, he would hide behind flowers and in obscure areas in an effort at endearing himself to PMB.

He had apparently forgotten the many demeaning words deployed in disparaging candidate Buhari when he the emperor was having a good time swimming in the PDP waters. Those days are over now and he cannot stand without anchoring himself to PMB as he seeks desperately to have a second term in office. He has squandered the goodwill and trust of the electorate in Kaduna that he has dented the image and name of the party causing many to migrate to other parties or are at the verge of doing just that.

The emperor can say whatsoever he wishes. We are overshadowing every secret move of his and strategizing on how to counter them.

A certain Demola Akinyemi reported on the first day of March that the emperor claimed that he was not bothered about a second term as governor of Kaduna State. Every toddler on the street of every settlement in Kaduna State knows that the emperor says one thing and proceeds to do another.

The emperor made the above claim during the maiden public lecture of Al – hakimah University in Ilorin titled “Governing Justly: Perspectives from far and near, lessons from Nigeria”.
I want to believe that the authorities of that University must have noticed the deficit in the governance of Kaduna State that they thought rightly of inviting him, he who believes he’s all knowing, or so he claims, to speak on this important subject.

The governor made a number of claims during the lecture. For example, he claimed “that at 58, he is not looking for any job” and added further that “Cancelling what he is doing in Kaduna today will be politically costly for any administration that comes after his because of their nature”.

He equally added that his decisions will stand the test of time. He boasted that there was no threat to the success of the party (APC) ahead of the 2019 general elections in the State and beyond because according to him the party has no formidable opposition that could stop it.
He labelled those agitating within the party as “rascals, trouble makers and noise makers”.

The governing APC may not be seriously bothered about any opposition at the Federal level but it ought to be if it thinks strategically.
It is a different ball game entirely in Kaduna State since our rascality, noise and trouble making is causing the emperor sleepless nights.

If one may ask, why is he pulling down houses belonging to those he is tagging as political enemies?.
With regards to the bogus claim that it will be impossible to undo his disastrous legacy, we are actually praying for him to be alive when virtually what he is alluding to as legacy will be bulldozed and the debris dumped in a dumpsite such that nothing about him will be remembered except for his miserable portrait that will be left hanging somewhere on one of the many walls in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House.

He went on further to indict the elite without also blaming himself for the ills and the lack of progress in this nation. In yet another of his many tantrums he said ” we are not in government to enrich ourselves neither are we in government to share scarce resources”.
The night is far spent and it will soon be dawn when the books will be opened to test the veracity of the emperor’s many claims.

Written by Gora Dauda.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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