Despite Warnings To Own Their Security By Two Generals, South Kaduna Didn’t Heed. Now Peace Prospects Fade

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March 21, 2021

Protests against insecurity and  killings by militias. 

I am just done reading a post penned by Caleb Bala Kuvori accompanied by pictures of the carnage and devastation wrought upon the village of Kizachi of Kurama Kingdom in Kauru LGA of Kaduna State in North Central Nigeria .

No words can describe the view of the destruction and loss of lives in the most heinous, brutish and beastly manner it was executed. Only animals and only the wildest of animals could have carried out such acts which qualify as a crime against humanity.

Let us leave further reporting to the Hon Commissioner for Internal Security and Homeland Affairs whatever that means to include in his mainly daily reportage under Security Updates. Thus far, the contents of the Security Updates have been nothing aside from death and destruction wrought on our people

In an earlier post, I queried the essence of these Security Updates since they do not assure anyone, instead they further traumatize our people.

To start with, Kauru is a neighbouring Local Government Council to Zangon Kataf, towards the East side. Zangon Kataf LGA has borne the brunt of the madness inflicted on the Southern Kaduna nation and in many posts I’ve made, I warned that our neighbours must not deceive themselves by thinking that the conflict was going to end when Zangon Kataf LGA was put under.

I warned also that our neighbours must be prepared so that they are not taken unawares. My fears have now been confirmed.

Our neighbours have no excuse to have been caught off guard. Because it has been happening nearby in neighboring communities, there was the likelihood of it happening elsewhere. Perhaps people took it for granted. It is worth reminding us all that we have been warned not once, not twice to be prepared to defend ourselves and our villages and our communities against the beasts determined to supplant our people from our ancestral lands.

For the records, General TY Danjuma warned and our people failed to take heed. From an official perspective the current Defence Minister, General Bashir Magashi admonished all of us not to be cowards but to defend ourselves.

It would appear that the Defence Minister’s advice may be an acceptance of failure or fatigue on the part of those tasked with the responsibility of defending us. Truly we have been warned adequately and it is now up to us.

When will peace return to the land?

For now only the Creator can provide an answer to this very important question.

Some effort have been made towards agreeing on some form of peace mostly in Atyapland of Zangon Kataf LGA but peace has remained as elusive as ever. To the extent that the peace efforts have not involved those executing the violence or their financiers, they have all failed and abysmally so for that matter.

I did warn that only a holistic peace involving all ethnic nationalities in the Southern Kaduna nation stood a chance of succeeding. Any arrangement short of that will amount to a waste of time.

Whilst governments continue to play games with the security of the lives and property of the citizenry it is left to the citizens to take all the necessary steps to secure themselves and their property.

Unless our people heed the warnings you can be rest assured that we shall continue to be decimated one after another. It should now have been very clear to the government that it is Boko Haram that is behind the killings. I want to believe that fellow Nigerians cannot be responsible for this level of evil against fellow Nigerians.

The foreign gunmen carrying out these killings have nothing to lose. For our neighbours in Kauru and particularly the people of Kizachi village and the other villages burnt down, our people assure you that you are not standing alone as we are grieving with you.

Written by Col. Dauda Gora (rtd)


Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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