Easy Driving In Kano While Fuel Scarcity Bites Harder In Southern Nigeria

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December 23, 2017

Helpless oil ministry in the face of a crippling Petrol scarcity in southern Nigeria.

In an apparent twist of irony, South western and South Eastern Nigeria that are next regional neighbors to crude oil laden Niger Delta states join the South South in suffering a lingering fuel scarcity being experienced across the country, a nation that is sub-Saharan Africa’s largest producer of crude oil.

Economic activities are currently grounded in the entire South with scantily attended markets because transportation is now by foot.
Travellers are stranded in cities and Christmas festivities like parties for children have been suspended due to lack of vehicular movements.

The same cannot be said for Kano city in Nigeria’s north west which is President Muhammadu Buhari’s home region that gave him over two million votes with no single void vote.

Observers find it strange that a region without a drop of crude oil would have abundance of gasoline, commonly called Petrol while the crude oil repository region is suffering acute scarcity in this Christmas season that traditionally is a period of traveling to rejoice and celebrate with loved ones.

President Buhari named himself petroleum minister at the inception of his regime that took him six months to name an economic team and a Cabinet.
Making himself substantive Petroleum minister was believed to have raised hopes amongst his supporters in south western Nigeria which held the swing votes that propelled the former army General to power.
As an army colonel in 1975, Buhari was petroleum minister and hopes were high that he would eliminate corruption in the oil industry as an experienced operator in the sector.

So far all hopes have been dashed as the sector has remained even more corrupt under a regime that rode to power on the crest of integrity.
The worst embarrassment is to have Africa’s leading crude oil producer unable to refine petroleum products for itself, spending huge amounts of money in billions of dollars subsidizing imported Petrol from Asia for it’s citizenry.
Still the product remains scarce with all the money, gone.

In an obvious show of anger and frustration, Ekiti State Governor in Nigeria’s south west and chairman of PDP Governors Forum has asked President Buhari to resign from office if he is unable to solve the problem of petroleum products scarcity which formed a part of his campaign promises in 2015.

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