Elisha Mamman Admonishes Youths, ‘Reposition Yourselves To Fight Poverty With Education’

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October 22, 2019

By Emmanuel Onotevure
Elisha Mamman.

Motivational Speaker and innovative entrepreneur, who is also the Convener of ”The Winning Mindset”; a platform for empowering young minds in the society, Elisha Mamman, has called upon youths in Nigeria to reposition themselves and be prepared for the challenges ahead.

“The Winning Mindset” which is a motivational platform has called out to youths in the country, to embrace education and see it as the right weapon that can be applied in fighting poverty, that he described as a common enemy.

He made this call during the 2nd Year Anniversary of ‘The Winning Mindset platform in Kaduna, which also coincided with a Symposium organized for members of the National Youth. Service Corps, NYSC, Kaduna South Zone, titled: Poverty, Corruption and Insecurity in Nigeria; “A Fight For Today”.

During his presentation at the Symposium, Elisha Mamman noted that, according to the United Nations SDG’s vision, eradicating poverty is the No 1 goal. It is simply because every other thing stems from this single epidemic.

“Poverty”, according to Mamman, “as an enemy; though Man-Made, is surely an enemy worth fighting against”.

“We must take a firm stand against poverty because, if we don’t, the poor will eventually make life uncomfortable for the rich”, he stated.

“Using Global World Poverty clock, the convener noted that Nigeria in 2018, overtook India as the world’s poverty capital. India with a population of 1.3b has 71.5m people living in extreme poverty while Nigeria, with a population of about 200m people, has 86.9m of her population living in extreme poverty. Which means; they live below $1.90 (N684) a day”, he said.

Revealing that eradicating poverty is no longer an option for any of us as individuals, communities or nation, Elisha Mamman stressed that poverty has consistently, unleashed its power on the citizenry and has left in its wake, devastating effects on humanity and the environment.

“Its effects are far-reaching for some, considering the emotional, health and psychological impact on the lives of many Nigerians. We must take a stand and fight this scourge with all that we have so that we can make Nigeria a better place for all. Corruption can be traced to poverty and poverty can be traced to corruption”, he disclosed.

Calling on members of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC to see this as a challenge, the youth entrepreneur urged them to see this as a matter of urgency and make up their minds to overcome it; not just for themselves but, for their families and country.

“If we truly want to deal with this enemy, our first ammunition will be to invest in some very key sectors of our collective and individual lives which are enumerated below:

1. EDUCATION: To fight this enemy, we must engage the weapon of Education and, according to the late Dr. Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful tool which we can use to change the future”.

“We must not forget that education is more than school but it can begin there and, according to Albert Einstein, ”Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school’’, stressing that, because poverty thrives in ignorance, we must therefore give priority to education, because it is a weapon.

INVEST in SKILL ACQUISITION: Skill is about the ability to produce. It is about what our hands can do and, it is about performance.

“The marketplace does not pay for preparation but, for performance. You need an education to prepare and also, you need skill to perform. We must enhance our ability to perform which will also lead to our being rewarded for our performance and not our certifications. Skillfulness is about the ability to create solutions to perceive and resolve problems. We must invest in acquiring the right and relevant skills for our youths.

CREATE SOLUTIONS: Problem solving is the reason we seek education and knowledge.

“It takes people with great heart to focus on creating solutions for others”, he counseled as we must begin to live for others than ourselves and we must become compassionate in our passion to succeed”.

“We must see humanity as one and we must always remember this World is one big family. Until we see ourselves as one, we will not work towards our general well-being, he further stated.

He challenged NYSC members to make the most use of their service year….”seek knowledge, develop a skill and find a way to help another person”,

Enjoining the Corpers to be the drivers of the nation’s growth and development, Mamman disclosed that the platform has expanded across the entire Kaduna state and has spread to Abuja.

Speaking with newsmen after his presentation, he revealed that in 2 years, ‘The Winning Mindset’ has given out grants for startups to a number of businesses and has consistently churned out inspiration to the young people and given them hope for a better tomorrow.

“The Winning Mindset with Elisha Mamman”, is a motivational platform that was birthed in 2017 with less than 50 participants and has in its two years of existence, sprung in growth and impact to over eight hundred participants”.

Still speaking with the media, “The Winning Mindset” Convener expressed his gratitude to God for the journey so far as he recounted how the journey had been for both him and his family; the great sacrifice, strength and the gut to run with a great vision.

“The Winning Mindset” with its 2019 Theme; “TAKING NEW TERRITORIES”, it has expanded across Kaduna to Kafanchan, Zaria and Abuja; the nation’s capital and it is set to take more new territories.

“The Winning Mindset has had on its stage, great personalities like; Fela Durotoye, Steve Harris, Ejimi Olufukeji, Niyi Adesanya, Apeh Harrison, Elisha Mamman disclosed to newsmen.

One of the dignitaries that graced the 2nd Year Anniversary was Niyi Adesanya, one of Nigeria’s finest public speakers, as its Keynote Speaker.

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