Execution Of Leah Sharibu: Forensic Examination By US Law Group And Emerging Facts

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August 2, 2019

Miss Leah Sharibu, video narration in Boko Haram Islamist den of captivity says she has been executed. She was held on account of her Christian faith and refusal to renounce Christianity for Islam.

Despite the revelation by an NGO captive in Boko Haram custody Grace, that the Dapchi Science schoolgirl who was not released alongside her mates by Boko Haram Islamist sect, Miss Leah Sharibu had been executed, her mother, Mrs Rebecca Sharibu has again pleaded with the Federal Government to intensify efforts towards her daughter’s release from Boko Haram captivity. A stoic sign that she does not believe that the Christian schoolgirl had died.

Rebecca made the call in Dapchi in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Leah Sharibu was among the 110 Dapchi school girls kidnapped by the terrorist group in February, 2018.

While the terrorists released the other 109 girls, they held on to Leah on account of her faith.

“I still plead with the Federal Government, organisations and individuals to intensify efforts for the release of my daughter, Leah, who has been in the hands of insurgents for one year and five months.

Leah’s friend, Aisha Kachallah says she doesn’t believe she is dead because there is no proof of her death. “Her corpse has not appeared in any television station or newspaper.” , according to a NAN report.

A United States-based organisation, US NIGERIA LAW GROUP embarked on a forensic analysis of the purported execution of Christian schoolgirl Leah Sharibu, and sent to The Oasis Reporters, their findings by mail.

.It reads that “A proof of life video released last week of some abducted aid workers contains the unsettling report that heroine Christian Schoolgirl Leah Sharibu has been killed,” the group noted in a statement signed by Emmanuel Ogebe, ESQ.

Below is the group’s forensic analysis of the purported claim:

“The video appears to have been released through the recognised conduit of the terror group

However the video does not contain the watermark signature bearing the emblem of the terror group’s flag.

The video does not contain the usual Islamic songs used by the terrorists”.

But in The Oasis Reporters in-house analysis of the forensic examination, it was noted that the North East is a very vast amount of territory, mostly ungoverned. The abduction of the Chibok school girls for instance, happened in Southern part of Borno State. Therefore whatever studio apparachits available for the making of the Chibok girls video or the latest video of the abducted 6 Damasak Aid workers video, might not be readily available from one location to the other.

Besides, the abduction of heroine Leah Sharibu happened in neighbouring Yobe State, another vast territory, with the Nigerian military checkpoints practically everywhere.
In addition, Boko Haram is not about finesse, but war and propaganda in getting the news out as quickly as they want it.

It is enough, if the US LAW GROUP gets reasonable belief that the channels of releasing the latest video is consistent. Then the video can reasonably be said to not only emanate from the dreaded group that security agencies say has been factionalized, but that trust can be lent to whatever information that they put out, that indeed, Leah Sharibu has been executed, even though she was their most valuable hostage in the region. Although the territory is vast and largely ungoverned, the terrorist group knows that they can easily replenish their stock of captives, anytime.

“The video does not contain any remarks, input or demand whatsoever from the terrorists themselves. Without clear identification of the abductors in a muddled field of contenders, ransom negotiations can be confusing”, continued the US NIGERIA LAW GROUP

“The hostage speaker Grace is reportedly one of the recently captured aid workers in an attack on July 18 less than a week to the video recording. She would likely not have any knowledge of or interaction with Leah Sharibu within the space of just six days, “ according to the US LAW GROUP.

“The hostage speaker Grace narrated that two Red Cross workers Hauwa and Zipporah were abducted and then killed. There was no hostage named Zipporah executed by the terrorists.” perhaps the Zipporah mentioned could have been Deborah.

The hostage speaker Grace said they were held by the “army of Calipha.” This does not easily identify whether it is the terrorist splinter group now known as Islamic State West Africa Province or the original Shekau-led Boko Haram. The former abducted Leah while the latter abducted the Chibok girls.

The statement on heroine Christian Schoolgirl Leah and aid worker Alice’s death could have been a misperception or misconception of the speaker Grace erroneously assuming they were killed.

Alternatively the statement could have been foisted on the hostage as part of psychological warfare and negotiating strategy.

It seems out of character for a principled terror group who declared in a message last year that they would not kill Leah and Alice but hold them as slaves to now break their own word. Unlike killer Fulani Herdsmen, the Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists have rules of engagement, scruples and codes of honor ”, declares the statement by Nigerian Law Group.

We posit as follows that information passes faster between terrorist groups who may simply appear hostile towards one another, but in reality, they not only share information, but cooperate in joint operations as well.

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