Femi Adesina’s Trebble Of Betrayal And Telling Truth To Power – Deji Adesoye

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December 26, 2017

The day Femi Adesina resumed work as media adviser to President Buhari was the turning point in his life. It was a day Adesina will never forget, not as long as he is in the service of one of the most calamitous regimes in world history.

On that day, Adesina was inducted into truth telling. In his misnormal essay of May 28, 2016, titled ‘Buhari, Beyond the Iron and the Steel,’ the veteran journalist tells with relish how Buhari told him on his resumption as media adviser to always tell him the truth.
“Tell me the truth… that is what I want from you,” said Buhari.

It was an event so significant that in another mishap of conscience titled ‘Why God Kept Buhari Alive’, published December 17, 2017, Adesina recounted the story.

“On June 1, 2015, the day I resumed work as adviser on media to President Muhamadu Buhari, he had admonished me: “Adesina, always tell me the truth. That is what I want from you. In this type of position I have found myself, it is very easy not to be told the truth. People will just tell you what they think you want to hear. But from you, I want the truth. As a General, I may argue, but please argue with me. Tell me the truth always.”

Since that very day, Femi Adesina has been telling the truth. At a time towards the end of 2015 when the prices of staple food and commodities generally began to escalate and many Nigerians began to groan under the rough hand of the plough of hardship, Adesina said it was a mischief to say Nigerians were suffering. According to him, no Nigerian was suffering. At the time when his master relocated to London and Nigerians asked to know how far, he said Nigerians didn’t have the right to ask.
Is it not Adesina who said sometimes in 2016 that Buhari had delivered on most of his campaign promises?
Adesina has been speaking the truth. Anyone should see this clearly.

And the sincerity of Adesina must be underscored in the area of his effort in making Nigerians see what is missing on them about the good person of Buhari. Adesina has quoted more Bible and Kuran verses than the pope and the Chief-Imam in respect of his master. He speaks the heart of God.
For an example, quoting Surah At-Tabuwal 9:18, Adesina said, “President Buhari is concerned about Nigerians, particularly the helpless, the ordinary people, and he has dedicated his life to serving them.” He forgot to add that this is why Buhari remained mute for a long, long time over the killing of farmers by herdsmen around the country, the country where he governs.

An interesting twist to the ignoble job that Adesina has taken is the way he glorifies the dictatorship of Buhari of the 80s.
These people say Buhari is a reformed democrat, and yet gloat about his egoistically motivated crimes against humankind in the dictatorship that only idiots see as pardonable.
Hear this from Adesina the truth-teller. “Buhari was reticent, Idiagbon, taciturn. A fearful and fearsome combination. Do the crime, serve the term was their motto. Manifest indiscipline, even in something as answering the call of nature, urinate by the roadside, and you can’t tell anybody it was the work of the Devil…
Vandalize public utilities?
Twenty years in jail.
Traffic in cocaine?
Goodbye to the world.
Nigeria was being whipped into line, and no mistake. But the nirvana lasted only 20 months and forces of reaction struck.”

How do you call the picture Adesina painted above a nirvana? If nirvana means enlightenment and freedom, or a state of joyful experience, how do you say the 20 months of military hooliganism like the one painted above is such a nirvana?
What is the meaning of Nigeria being ‘whipped into line’?
So Nigeria was a herd of cattle and Buhari/Idiagbon were the owner, the herdsmen, who flogged the cows into where they must go?
What nobleness is there in that Buhari was ‘fearful’ and ‘fearsome’ in a society as recent as the 80s. Only wild beasts are fearful and fearsome. And that is why it does not grieve the heart too much that Adesina and the media team must spend money and time doing ‘the human side of Buhari’.

Adesina has become the golden voice of Judas, the classical trebble of betrayal. He has been telling the truth like Judas. Judas told the truth to the killers of Jesus. He said, “whosoever I shall kiss, it is him.” And he did just the same. He gave Jesus, his constituency leader over to the chief priest in a deal that would increase his wealth by 30 pieces of silver. Adesina now tells Buhari the truth. He has given the masses over to the ‘fearful and fearsome, ramrod, straight-face dictator’ because of the juicy position he occupies.

Unfortunately, the human side of Buhari is that he laughs and cracks jokes. How is this a breakthrough? Every human being does this and it is good for one’s health. And besides, do you not wonder why a human being should have a human side? If someone talks of the human side of God, it would be understood that God is not a human being but he has certain traits of humans. If another talks of the human side of baboons, it would be understood that a baboon is a beast not a human, but it has certain things in common with humans. You are either a beast, a human or a god. If you have human side, then you are primarily either a beast or a god. Adesina and his people would certainly not climb unto blasphemy and call Buhari God. But certainly they have descended to the ludicrous by suggesting through their egoistical documentary that our own president is primarily a beast. This is painful.

Written by Deji Adesoye

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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