FIRS And The Fire Within: It’s Tussles Over Who Works The Money Versus Who Emerges The Lazy Spender

The Oasis Reporters

September 8, 2021

Federal Inland Revenue Service.

“In June, N15.1bn was collected as taxes in Rivers State but N4.7bn was given to Rivers State, N46.4bn was collected from Lagos State but Lagos was given N9.3bn.

Kano ( in the north) generated N2.8bn and was given N2.8bn

Have you seen the injustice in this Country ? I will not be Governor forever, it’s not about me but about the system.

Let the right thing be done.
Nyesom Wike, Governor of Rivers State.

Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike of Rivers State. He has kicked the ball forward for fiscal federalism.

Someone commented thus as regards the Federal Inland Revenue Service, (FIRS) seeking court’s stay of execution on VAT collection by Rivers State Government…..

It will make one laugh…

“Oponu, you incompetent fools in FIRS wanted to apply for stay of execution pending appeal, in a letter you wrote to the court.
Is that procedure gotten by writing letters? Dumb fools. Your entire legal department of FIRS should be sacked. That is what happens when you use tribalism, favouritism and political loyalty to recruit lawyers. See FIRS that is fond of underground recruitments! You fools will learn the hard way. You will learn by force that government work is not for blockheads and misfits.

There are 3 things you don’t recruit with tribalism: your lawyer, your doctor, your pilot.

As for the North, better start looking for how you wil tax banditry and kidnapping. By the time the South is done with you, you will be begging for investments in the north in place of your festering banditry.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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