Former NFL Star OJ Simpson, Granted Release From Prison, Effective Oct. 1

Arnelle Simpson, OJ’s oldest child, spoke on his behalf: “No one really knows how much we’ve been through.”
 Photograph: Fox News

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July 20, 2017

OJ Simpson sits with his attorney at his parole hearing.
Photograph: Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners

The gates of Lovelock prison will swing open for 70 year old former NFL star, OJ Simpson who will be released on parole in October after nine years in prison as Nevada state parole board voted unanimously for his release.

The former football star and Hollywood actor was famously acquitted of the murder of his estranged wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman but later jailed for a failed bid to retrieve sports memorabilia that he said belonged to him.

Simpson is in the ninth year of a 33-year sentence for armed robbery and assault with a weapon and help of several other accomplices. They broke into a Las Vegas hotel room on 13 September 2007 and held up two memorabilia dealers for collectibles and personal items he claimed were rightfully his. He was found guilty by a jury on all 12 charges and given the maximum sentence.

Bruce Fremong’s testimony in favor of Simpson was very helpful in helping broker Simpson’s release. As a victim of the robbery, Fremong’s testimony was moving and he said he and Simpson were friends. He sat with Simpson’s family inside the facility, during the video conference with the Parole officers, about 100 miles away. Simpson’s attorney, LaVergne says. “This was a big mishap.”
Fremong believes the 33 year maximum sentence was way too long, and he said so. Besides, Simpson held no gun to his head.
interestingly, years after the conviction, California State ruled that the memorabilia that was the subject of the robbery actually belonged to OJ Simpson. Items stolen from him and which was being sold back to him, and he failed in a grab attempt to get his stuff back.
” It’s not fair”, Simpson believed that he shouldn’t have ended up in jail over what was rightfully his. This was the underlying reason for the allocutus pleaded by his friend who was robbed, because he knew who actually owned the stuff.

A Nevada parole board has voted unanimously to allow OJ Simpson to go free as early as October, citing the former NFL star’s compliance with prison rules, his lack of prior convictions, his low risk of committing another crime, his community support and stable post-release plans.

LaVergne his lawyer says. “Mr Simpson is obviously a very polarizing figure. He’s very well loved, but he’s also held into contempt by a lot of people.”

On the other hand, Tony Corda says “Simpson deserved to go to prison for his crime, but he’s complied with the rules of the prison, he’s a low risk to reoffend, he has community support and stable post-release plans. The question is whether he’s served enough time in prison on this case. Corda agrees he has”, in a report by the Guardian .
When Jackson and Endel also concurred and finally Bisbee voted too to grant parole, it became a unanimous 4-0 decision.

“Thank you!” was all Simpson could say as applause rang in the room.

Fromong closes: “We all make mistakes. OJ made his. He’s been here and from what I’ve heard he’s been a model inmate. He’s been an example to others. During the trial I recommended he serve one to three years. That’s what I recommended to the DA. I’m here to say that I’ve known OJ for a long time. I don’t feel he’s a threat to anyone out there.

“He’s a good man. I know that he does a lot for other people and I feel that nine-and-a-half-to-33 years was way too long. And I feel that it’s time to give him a second chance. It’s time for him to go home to his family, his friends. This is a good man, he made a mistake.”

Now Bruce Fromong is speaking. He says first and forement he’s not only here as Simpson’s friend of almost 27 years, but he’s also appearing as a victim of a crime. He believes Simpson was misguided on the date of the crime, that he was misled about what was going to be there that day. He was promised family photos, family heirlooms, possibly his ex-wife’s engagement ring, when in reality it was mostly football memorabilia. He admits there were items in that room that were stolen from Simpson, but he insists that he never stole anything from OJ. ( Simpson appears to agree with this .)

“I will make this clear to you: OJ never held a gun on me,” Fromong says. “There was a coward in that room, a man named McClinton, who came up gangster-style. He held the gun on me. Not OJ. Another man came in, hit me. Not OJ, he never laid a hand on me.”

Simpson’s attorney also talked on the amends that Simpson has made with Bruce Fromong, one of the two robbery victims (and the only one still living).
“I am sorry the things turned out the way they did,” Simpson says in his final statement to the board. “I had no intention to commit a crime.”

Arnelle Simpson, OJ’s oldest child, spoke on his behalf: “No one really knows how much we’ve been through.”

She says the family realizes he’s not perfect but has done the best he can and acknowledges he didn’t make the right decision in 2008 when he tried to take back his property.

Arnelle Simpson, OJ’s oldest child, spoke on his behalf: “No one really knows how much we’ve been through.”


Simpson speaks :

“since I was 19” ,Simpson is been used to public attention, even in the two decades since his double-murder trial, he rarely encounters negativity on the streets and has remained as appraochable as ever.
Has he completed his restitution payments to the victims?
Simpson confirms he has.

Would parole be better for Simpson than completing his sentence in Lovelock?
Simpson says he’s been denied time with his four kids long enough: “I’ve served my time. … I’ve not complained for nine years. All I’ve done is try to be helpful.”

He says he’s received many interview requests and job offers from media and he turned them all down.

“I’ve never lived a criminal life. I’m a pretty straight shooter.”

“I haven’t made any excuses in nine years here,” Simpson says. “But I should have never let these security guys try to help when they were only trying to help themselves.”

. “I’m not a guy who has conflicts on the street,” Simpson says. “I’m a guy who’s got along with just about everybody.”

“What do you think the impact was on your victims?”
Simpson says he knows what the impact was, but re-emphasizes that no one ever accused him of pulling a weapon on them.

Asked about his commitment to Christianity and how he started a Baptist ministry in prison.
He then tells Jackson about the various courses he’s completed in prison, inclduing courses in Alternative to Violence and Victim Empathy. He admits that he “had a few drinks” on the day of the robbery because they were celebrating a wedding, but he never had a substance abuse issue.
Jackson says that she asks the question because he promised the parole board in 2013 that he’d attend Alcoholics Anonymous, which he hasn’t done. Simpson says he never had a problem and believed that his initiative with the Baptist prayer group and role as commissioner of an 18-team softball league compensates for the experience he’d have had in AA.

… Simpson’s voice raises as he goes deeper into his account: “It’s been ruled legally by the state of California that the property was mine.” He finds it unfair that he’s in jall for going to retrieve property that courts ultimately found was rightfully his. He says he didn’t realize guns were brandished in the hotel room until after they were back in the car driving back to their hotel.

The former NFL star explains he was contacted by a man who offered photographs of the sports memorabilia that OJ immediately recognized as personal belongings, including his mother’s photo album and personal letters. By chance, “a perfect storm” as Simpson called it, they all ended up in Las Vegas at the same time. The people who had the memorabilia were former friends of OJ, he explains, who had actually helped him move the stuff into storage before. He continues to tell how the scheme to retrieve the property unfolded, nothing that’s not already in the public record.
Bisbee says his parole eligibility date is “October 1st, 2017”.

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