Gen Danjuma Warns Trump To Secure Nigerians Or Refugee Flood Will Crash America’s Walls


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June 6, 2018

Warm handshake or not, Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto (top left) tells America president Donald Trump that he won’t pay for the border wall. Nigeria’s president Buhari
(top right) gets a shocking warning from Trump that he would not tolerate the killing of christians in Nigeria,Buhari must protect adherents of all faiths. Gen, Danjuma (bottom left) points at America’s border wall and tells Trump, ‘save Nigerian lives or, they’ll run here and crash your wall’.


Without an army to control, Nigeria’s former Defense Minister, General Theophilus Danjuma (rtd) whose helpless Christian citizens in Taraba State, North Central Nigeria are being mowed down without restraint by suspected Fulani herdsmen militia has in desperation, warned US President Donald Trump that the wall he is building to secure America’s borders from illegal migrants from failed states may be unable to hold hordes of Nigerian refugees should the Nigerian state be allowed to collapse.

According to Christian Newswire publication, violence has continued to threaten stability in Nigeria, particularly in the agricultural region of the middle belt. Deeply concerned about this crisis, the International Committee on Nigeria (ICON), in collaboration with the Heritage Foundation and 21 Wilberforce, hosted Nigerian leaders General TY Danjuma and Taraba State Governor Darius Ishaku to discuss implications from Nigeria’s escalating religious and ethnic violence. Representatives from the U.S. government and prominent NGOs also joined the discussion.

General Danjuma addressed the issue of extremism among some Fulani people that has led to horrific attacks on villages that echo Boko-Haram tactics. General Danjuma, who has a reputation for fighting corruption, said, “Evidence is there that President Buhari has failed. Corruption continues and ineffective governance does not confront attacks on villages.”

President Trump met recently with Nigeria President Buhari at the White House where he decried religious violence in Nigeria. “We encourage Nigeria’s federal, state, and local leaders to do everything in their power to immediately secure affected communities and to protect innocent civilians of all faiths, including Muslims and Christians.”

Darius Ishaku, Governor of Taraba State (where Roman Catholic churches have been attacked by Fulani extremists in recent weeks), shared that his own leadership abilities are hampered by the structure of Nigerian governance. He said, “We do not have state or local police … Governors do not have power or influence to make changes in their own states.”

“If chaos continues in Nigeria, refugees will flood over West Africa, then Europe and eventually America – whether you build a wall or not,” warned General Danjuma. Also in attendance, Former Congressman Frank Wolf, Sr., Distinguished Fellow at 21 Wilberforce, added that, “Europe can barely handle Syrian and Iraqi refugees so they’d be overwhelmed if Nigeria collapsed.”

Recognizing that Nigeria is the lynchpin of regional stability and a strategic partner with the US in the struggle against extremism, General Danjuma and Governor Ishaku asked concerned American organizations to help Nigeria nurture its democracy. “We need ‘civilized democracies’ like the US to help with our Nigerian democracy in ways that provide security for citizens of every religious affiliation, bring justice to perpetrators of violence, and empower civil society to confront atrocities and stand together to promote peace.

President Trump recently proposed the construction of a new wall along the Mexican border to prevent hordes of economic refugees arriving from Latin American countries through Mexico into the US. To show their desperation in evacuating from their own countries into successful America, they come in caravans. Trump angrily lashed at Mexico for not doing enough to stop them and therefore, Mexico will pay for the construction of the wall.
President Enrique Peña Nieto has cried foul, “I won’t pay for any wall”, he defiantly told President Trump.

Many countries in the Third World are not working for their youths, according to Ghanaian president, Nana Akufo Addo and this is the reason youths cross borders to other countries.
Economically speaking, Nigeria is not working for its youth. Worse still is the middle belt farming region which is the fall back position of hardworking middle belt youths. Fulani herdsmen militia have invaded their land killing and depopulating the land for open nomadic cattle grazing.

Therefore many are walking away because they cannot engage in any worthwhile venture in their homeland when their lives are at constant risk from gunmen.
Such would seek for ways to emigrate and stress successful countries with intelligent and unselfish leaders.


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