Ghana’s President Addo Tackles Macron’s Charm Offensive : ‘Migration Is Nothing New’

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December 4, 2017

Smile at the charm offensive, yes, but Ghanaian president gave his ‘straight talk’, “Migration is nothing new, don’t mock us because of Libyan anarchy”. He filled the people of Ghana with pride, even visiting president of France, Emmanuel Macron clapped and cheered, diplomatically.


Even when it was ’cause celebre`, receiving the youthful French president Emmanuel Macron in Ghana, the ongoing enslavement and organ harvesting by force of African migrants in Libya where anarchy is reigning brought out the quiet fury in Ghana’s president Nana Akuffo Addo while delivering his welcome speech in Accra during Macron’s one day working visit and charm offensive blitz across Africa.
Akuffo Addo wasted no time in letting the world know that Ghana should not be looked down upon because it’s citizens where caught up in the Libyan maelstrom and are being killed or sold off into slavery.

“Human migration is nothing new. It’s been happening in human history since the beginning of time”, he told Emmanuel Macron.

“People migrate to other places when opportunities do not exist for them in their home countries”, he went on, “there was a time that Ireland didn’t work and it’s youth moved away leaving the country empty while filling up America ( because their staple, Potatoes had failed).
” There was a time when Italy was not working for it’s youth and the young people moved out leaving their country almost empty.

“Today, the situation has been reversed and people have filled both European countries back because their leadership started working and they are happier and better for it”.

To Nana Akuffo Addo, that Africans are caught up in the Libyan anarchy should neither bring derision nor mockery from others.

Clap and cheer, the French president did, but it was obvious that Akuffo’s speech was a bit unusual and slightly jolting. It wasn’t expected.

Akuffo Addo went on, “Ghana needs value added Industrialization and trade, based on mutual respect, not aid”.

The well educated Ghanaian president showed off his class and quality upbringing by interjecting a few catch phrases in fluent French, which is the official language of the countries on Ghana’s borders to the east, west and north in West Africa.

Nigeria’s former Aviation Minister and one time spokesperson for ex- president Olusegun Obasanjo, Chief Olufemi Fani Kayode reacted to the Ghanaian leader’s speech as ”
profound, insightful and incisive”.

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