Girls And The Lure Of Surrogate Motherhood For Childless Couples: Pitfalls To Avoid

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August 14, 2019

With the rising impotency in some men, added to infertility in some women, couples are often known to merge into the shadows for unique solutions to childlessness, out of the watch of critical families and society.

Take the case of a young Nigerian virgin at nineteen getting a seemingly lucrative offer from a seemingly sterile man to be a surrogate mother. Especially at a time when she is stretched to the limits, financially.

What should she do ?

The man making the proposition is desperate to have a child, considering the central position children hold in an African marriage. And the fact that much of Africa has little or nothing in terms of social infrastructure as part of political governance to cater for the aged. Children become the social security they need at old age.

So a childless couple, married for a few years without one puts on their thinking cap.
The man makes a move to reach out to a financially challenged adolescent girl.

“ I need a child. Mine alone. Just agree to be artificially inseminated. For your pains, you get fifty thousand naira monthly throughout the nine months of pregnancy, and another tidy payout when the baby is born. Drop the child for me and walk away,never to look back”, says the man through an intermediary.

Should she take the bite and accept the proposal?
She needs the money and the man needs the child. How okay is this?

This discussion has been trending, and the comments have been thought provoking.

Many commentators have given the scenario a thumbs down. It may lead to further complications, some say.

Others ask for caution, but understand the need for the childless couple to have a child, at least.

Whichever way society looks at it, it is happening in the shadows. The fact that children born in challenging circumstances that are found in orphanages, being put up for adoption, shows that this is truly happening in society.

The fact also that videos have trended showing all sorts of marriages from mam to man, woman to woman, woman to dog or cat relationships in diverse continents of the world depicts different strokes for different folks, and plenty does happen in socio-culrural arenas.

But what concerns Africans the most is the presence of millions of roaming children without care, either due to parental poverty, wars, starvation, etc.
It’s much easier to go for adoption.
But their are choices for people to get baby customization due to tribal, religious or social factors. But it must be legal and ethical.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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