Governing Before Due Date: Gov-Elect, Can You Just Let The Sitting Gov Exhale Please?


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April 20, 2019

Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, Gombe State Governor-Elect.

The staccato rash of instructions rapidly swirling around the office of Executive governors from governors-elect recently has become so indecent, no matter how well couched or diplomatically stated that it begins to seem overly anxious and almost as if it is being performed by extremely eager men who want the day to break before the crowing of the cock.

This was a malaise that even President Muhammadu Buhari tried to cure when in 2015 after winning the presidential election by the gracious concession of former president Goodluck Jonathan even before the full results were declared.
President Buhari simply cautioned his over eager supporters that they must remember that “we still have a sitting president” in office, before May 29 in that year.

Newly elected governors should take a cue from the president’s mature caution and advice themselves. They should know this, especially their aides who emerged as lieutenants through the elections unto victory.
The governor you are taking over from on May 29, 2019 was once a gubernatorial contestant, a victorious candidate due to the graciousness of God Almighty and the votes of the people. It started in a particular year, and would definitely end four years after, or perhaps, eight years after.

The people that voted a governor in has the mandate of the electorate to govern for a specified period of time. Not a day less, or for a duty to be left hanging out of the intimidation of an incoming governor.

In the light of the constitutional provisions as it concerns the governorship of Gombe State for instance, there’s no gainsaying the fact that Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo of the PDP, has performed with excellence. The infrastructural makeover of the entire state to a very large extent has received monumental praise, no doubt. Governance cannot be in a vacuum. It is a continuous exercise. Dankwambo started from where Danjuma Goje stopped. So will Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya continue from there and do his bit, different party or not.

Therefore for a memo purported to have emanated from the said “Office of the State governor-elect, His Excellency Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya” and signed by Zubair Muhammad Umar with an assumed inundation “on daily basis by reports of massive employment and promotions in the state and local governments civil services” is actually going beyond the pale, and practically putting to ridicule, Nigeria’s 20 year old rich democratic experience.

Where in the Nigerian constitution do we have an “office of His Excellency, the Governor-Elect” ?
Is this haste to assume the title or appellation of “ His Excellency” not a little bit boorish, premature and slightly childish?

This is a title that eventually would become his, as from May 29, 2019, by the grace of God and the affirmation of the voters in Gombe State, so why not exercise a little restraint till the date of the mandate commences, for it was the same voting public that bestowed it upon Ibrahim Dankwambo to terminate exactly on May 29, 2018 ?

Maturity and restraint implies that the so called Office of the Governor-elect should not try, out of impatience to commence governance by remote control and intimidation soon after victory. If there are promotions to be bestowed or employments to be made between now and May 29, 2019, the constitution gives the current government the full exercise of rights to carry them out. The employees are bona-fide citizens of Gombe State. By the time the incoming administration takes off, they may even find need to employ more workers in many more creative ventures that imaginative governance can, and should fashion out to grow Gombe State to the next level.

Good enough, the so called “office of the Governor- Elect” recognizes “that there is a sovereign government in office in Gombe State that continues to possess full powers of governance”, a status he respects “and would not interfere in any form or manner with the governance of the state”, it is therefore appropriate to inform that living by the tenets of that avowal is fully necessary in the circumstances. It is pointless therefore to impute ulterior motives to the acts that have emanated from a government described as sovereign as the purported memo itself agrees.

Let the Dankwambo administration be freely allowed to do what it has known how to do these past seven years and eleven months without let or hindrance. There is just about one more month to go.

Patience, please.

Written by Danjuma Ibrahim

He writes from Bauchi.


Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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