Greed Of The King Costs Kano Assembly Speaker Rurum, His Job.

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July 03, 2017

Ex Speaker ‘Rurum and Emir Sanusi

The Speaker of Kano State House of Assembly, Alh. Kabiru Rurum has resigned his position amidst allegations of collecting some inducements to scuttle investigations into the financial recklessness of the King of Kano, Emir Muhammad Sanusi II.

The former speaker was alleged to have collected N100 million from Africa’s richest man, named so by Forbes Magazine’s rankings of world’s billionaires, business mogul Aliko Dangote.

Mr Rurum was alleged to have pocketed the cash and failed to spread it out to encourage his fellow honorable members in the House.

The miffed Assembly men wasted no time in issuing the speaker an ultimatum.
He promptly quit.
Alhaji Abdullahi Atta representing Fagge Constituency was promptly named the new Speaker which was accepted by the Assembly Members.

It would be noted that Aliko Dangote is a distinguished son of the North western city of Kano, and therefore keenly interested in maintaining the tranquility of the city, a necessary perquisite for business to flow on.

The previous Emir , late Ado Bayero was said to have left a tidy One billion naira in the coffers of the Emirate Council.
His younger successor and nephew, Muhammad Sanusi quickly depleted the funds and the governor of the State, Mr. Ganduje is asking why.
He ordered a probe. Sanusi’s supporters got up in arms to frustrate the probe by throwing cash around.

The king, Emir Sanusi was once Nigeria’s flamboyant governor of it’s Central Bank, equivalent to the Federal Reserve Bank of America that controls fiscal policies and the national currency, the naira.
He was fired from that job before the end of his tenure because he was said to lack restraint in spending bank money, especially on non essential items and on frivolities.

This trait, including his populist allegations against officials that he disagrees with in public, has put him on collision course with regional and national authorities.


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