Grieving Col. Sakaba Widow Receives Nigerian Army Condolence Visit


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November 28, 2018

Brig Gen SI Igbinomwanhia offers words of condolence to Mrs. Sakaba, on behalf of the Nigerian Army.

The Nigerian Army, has visited the widow of slain army Lt. Col. Sakaba, a fallen comrade who died in battle alongside his brother at the battle of Metele in Borno State.

The delegation was led by Brig Gen SI Igbinomwanhia, COS HQ 6 Div on November 28, 2018.

The delegation came on behalf of the GOC 6 Div/LCC JTF OPDS Maj Gen J Sarham.

Showing empathy to the family of a slain colleague is seen as a first step in the right direction.

Late Lt. Col.Sakaba.

This was reported on twitter as:

Happening Now! CONDOLENCE VISIT TO MRS II SAKABA. A 6 Div delegation led by Brig Gen SI Igbinomwanhia COS HQ 6 Div to the widow of our fallen hero Late Lt Col II Sakaba today 28 Nov 18 on behalf of the GOC 6 Div/LCC JTF OPDS Maj Gen J…
6:19 AM – 28 Nov 2018

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