Herdsmen Militia : Sen Ben Murray Bruce Exposes Sen Marafa’s Cowardice And Fear (Video)

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January 28, 2018


Sen. Ben Murray Bruce (left), Sen. Marafa

The pervading fear that chilled the hausa communities in 1805 when the rampaging Fulani Jihadists led by Usman Dan Fodio brutally attacked and killed hausa kings and it’s people has resurrected again in 2018 and Hausa people whose pregnant wives are being disemboweled and their babies killed are too frightened to talk to the media about it.
Although they’ve been asking why, after all, all their indigenous lands now fall under Fulani control to boot.


Despite their poverty, the herdsmen militia are still rampaging their land as it was over two hundred years ago.
Their senator, Mr. Marafa came into the senate chambers shaking like leaf as he narrated the gory murders, rapes and arson the Fulani herdsmen militia are
meting out to his defenseless constituents to Bayelsa senator, Ben Murray Bruce recently.
He told him and a few other senators in whispers only inside the chambers.

But when the senate opened in plenary, the frightened senator refused to say a word about the sufferings of Zamfara people who are Hausa and also Muslims in the north west, ruled by the Fulani.

Senator Ben Murray Bruce was angry enough to speak about the sufferings of Zamfara people in an open senate session, demanding the invitation of the Internal Affairs minister (Gen. Danbazzau) and the country’s Defense minister, Gen Dan Ali who incidentally is from Zamfara state and also son of a Fulani Emir.

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