Historical Rebuke: Impeached Trump Must Go As 10 Republicans Join Ranks With Democrats To Censure The President

The Oasis Reporters

January 14, 2021


US President Donald Trump… impeached for the second time but not removed yet.

US President Donald Trump now holds the dubious trophy of becoming the first president to be impeached twice in 13 months. This is because he inspired the riots by his far right supporters, and he has shown no remorse.

Seven Republicans needed now needed to join Democrats in the Senate for the most bipartisan removal of a president in history.

In just seven days, Trump will constitutionally leave office, for Vice President Mike Pence has shown no eagerness to invoke the 25th Amendment that is enough to remove him because the president remains ”a clear and present danger ” to the nation.

20,000 National guards are deploying to Washington DC for strengthen security plans for Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Streets surrounding Capitol Hill now look like a military fortress in a bid to ward off potential attackers. The last time there was such a heightened security alert in Washington DC was during President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

So far it is known that 14 officers were injured, one killed in the Capitol hill security breach. Far right officers within the ranks are currently being searched out, especially those who may have joined the rioters.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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