How The Conduct Of Some Women Force Men To Consider DNA Testing An Option In Relationships

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April 20, 2021

There is this case of an extraordinarily beautiful lady who is stunning. Even in her 50s, you can pass her for a woman in her thirties..

She has two grown up children and two grandchildren.

She’s done a tummy tuck, breast enlargement, she’s really with it, which is good for her, so to speak.

This lady divorced her husband about five years ago and the man remarried not too long after.

Currently, the lady is having a sizzling affair with her good friend’s husband.

At her mother’s funeral, folks were wagging their tongues, saying all sorts of things like she’s steeped deep in a romance with her best friend’s husband.
Decent folks refused to believe that she could have it with her very good friend’s husband.

But…there it is !

It was apparent from the sights and sounds that practically every man wanted this lady and most women wanted to be like her, except those who don’t play naughty games.

To confirm the wild rumours, a personality known to The Oasis Reporters, one person who would never give a free ride to stupidity, asked her a few questions:

Hear her answers… “Well, Sis, I am lonely as a divorcee and I have needs. I don’t mind sharing and I am not asking for much, just a bit of shuffling now and again is okay for me.”

“Why does this shuffling have to be from your friend’s husband with all the men you could get with just a flick of a finger?” She was asked.

“I feel safe with him, my sister, as he was my childhood sweetheart back in the day.” She said, sounding like a lost little girl in love. Smh!

“Even when I was married we were still seeing each other, he’s very dear to me and I can’t let go, so, don’t even try to pacify me for it won’t happen.”

“He’s my soulmate who happens to be with another and I don’t mind it.”

Huh! For real?

Consider the answer of hers. Couldn’t she have drawn a line during her marriage ?
Who knows what may have riled her husband to consider letting go ?

I thought it gets to a point people grow and have sense.

It looks like that thinking is wrong.

Why must humans complicate this life like this?

Why are evil acts thriving now, much more than good?

This world is not my home o! Hmm!

But luckily, not everyone does that.

Gosh! What sort of an entanglement is this ?

Written by Lady P.

Edited by The Oasis Reporters Relationship editors.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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