Hubris Of Ambition Rears Up In Anambra APC, As Andy Uba’s Men Move Against Nwoye

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September 16, 2017

Sen. Andy Uba (left), Dr. Tony Nwoye.

When some high profile decampees crossed the carpet into the struggling Anambra State branch of the All progressives Congress, APC, from the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, the APC thought it could sing ‘Hosanna’ and suddenly become an attractive bride to the people of the state.

With the conclusion of the APC gubernatorial primaries and the emergence of a former student union activist and medical doctor, Mr. Tony Nwoye, the hidden long knives the star decampees came with from the PDP are out and glistening in the Anambra Sun, as the hubris that would mar the hopes of the ambitious men of considerable means, plays up.

Tony Nwoye who is now the gubernatorial flag bearer in the November 18 governorship election barring any unforeseen circumstances, was once the PDP chairman in the state.
There’s also Mr. Andy Uba, a former PDP senator who crossed over to the APC.
That’s not all.
Andy Uba was a governor of the State for a few weeks after winning an election that was declared null and void by the courts since a serving governor, Mr. Peter Obi had not completed his tenure.

Besides, Anambra State has a staggered electoral timetable because a godfather stole Peter Obi’s mandate and gave it to Chris Ngige, Nigeria’s current Minister of Labour.
The name of the godfather is Chris Uba, coincidentally, a younger brother to Andy Uba.
Chris Uba fell out with Chris Ngige who refused to accede to the request of his benefactor to transfer an alleged 3 billion naira into his account for writing election results only. Then they fought in public and exposed each other by detailing how the election that produced them in 1999 was brazenly stolen.
The Supreme Court moved in and restored the mandate to it’s rightful winner, Mr. Peter Obi thereby removing the shame on the valiant men and women of the ebullient state.

Still, Andy, the multi millionaire brother of Chris still dreams of becoming governor. Unfortunately, in the then PDP primaries in 2013, Tony Nwoye beat him hands down.
Both men found themselves once again in the APC 2017 primaries as contestants. Despite their Television appearances beaming with smiles and promising to rally round whoever emerges winner, because once again, Tony Nwoye walloped Andy Uba and the gloves have come off while secret tackles are ongoing behind the curtains.

A Vanguard Nigeria newspaper report quotes a group of “concerned APC supporters in Anambra State” as sending a “warning notice to the Appeal Committee of the just concluded primaries of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to the effect that if the party retained Dr. Tony Nwoye as its standard bearer in the November 18 governorship election, it would lose the election’.

“The claims of the group were rejected in another statement issued by a supporter of Dr. Nwoye, Barrister Ken Arinze, a former commissioner in the state who served in the Dr. Chris Ngige administration.
He described the anti-Nwoye advocates as hungry men based in Abuja with the aim of getting as much money as possible from Senator Andy Uba”, reports the newspaper.

Dr. Nwoye is also a member of the House of Representatives “won the APC primaries conducted by the Governor Kassim Shetimma panel with 2,154 votes beating Senator Uba who scored 931 votes to second place”.
The anti-Nwoye group virtually called for the cancellation of the election on the allegation that Nwoye won through doubtful circumstances.

In a release titled “The Unsellability of ‘Candidate’ Tony Nwoye” and signed by it’s coordinator, Ifeka Egbunike, the group which claims to have been keenly monitoring the processes of the governorship primaries vehemently rejected Nwoye as the APC candidate on several grounds.
The group said it would rather prefer Senator Andy Uba in whom it has confidence.
For the group, Senator Uba has experience, maturity and political sagacity on his side. Above all, the group said Uba is independent-minded.
The group which is still palpably traumatized over the outcome of the primaries doubted the figures allocated to Andy Uba.

Responding, Barrister Arinze of the APC in Awka North described the agitators as charlatans operating from Abuja with desire only focussed on feasting on Senator Andy Uba’s money.

Earlier this month, Tony Nwoye said that he has decided to leave Senator Andy Uba to God following what he claimed was the refusal of the senator to accept his emergence as candidate. Nwoye spoke following his appearance before the APC Governorship Appeals committee hearing a petition filed by Senator Uba against his emergence.
Speaking to newsmen after his appearance before the committee on efforts he has been making to reach out to those he defeated in the primaries, Dr. Nwoye said:

“I have reached out to all of them. The only person I have not reached out to is Sen. Uba. I have called him on phone several times. I served him loyally when I was chairman of PDP, he was our governorship candidate and I leave the rest to God.
“He is the only one who has refused to talk to me. I called him; have sent text messages to him. I have even gone to his house but he did not open his gate for me”.

Intrigues of ambitious men brought down the PDP, and hubris in the men is still latent in them. They have carried the same character to the ruling APC, the Party which has sent soldiers into Igbo land on an Operation code- named ‘Python Dance’.
That is not the best perception to encounter right now, more so as Igbo youths, some having been termed enemy militants are dying needlessly in the face of aggression.


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