Ibadan Residents Boycott Fulani Beef

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February 02, 2017

Ever since the Fulani herdsmen militia invaded Agatu community in Benue State as well as Nimbo in Enugu State in 2016, killing hundreds of people and strident voices were raised in the social media demanding a boycott of Fulani beef so as not to be seen as paying for Fulani bullets, no where was the boycott effective as it recently happened in Ibadan on February 01, 2017.

A casual visitor would think that the boycott of meat had something to do with morality. Rather, the beef boycott had enlightened self interest as reason for the action .

And this was caused by the Fulani Cow dealers themselves who always charge two thousand naira per Cow as butchering fee before the Yoruba meat sellers would cart their stock away.
Well the Fulani gave notice of an increase in the prices of their services, from two thousand naira to four thousand naira per Cow.

But the Ibadan beef dealers decided to beef the new increase, and therefore, boycotted beef.
This is the reason why goat meat, poultry products and fish were served in the few restaurants and ‘bukaterias’ that braved it and opened for business. Many closed their eateries.

This has left the Fulani chuckling in private and questioning how long the Ibadan meat dealers can continue to hold out. They have no alternative. Ibadan has no fish culture , no bush meat and despite pioneering a veterinary faculty in the University of Ibadan, there has been no robust indigenous Cow rearing business in the south west. And they need more money for living expenses and social engagements.

In contrast, if the Fulani retreat with their cows, they spend pretty little on their upkeep since there’s enough grass in Ibadan and the Fulani can survive pretty well by sucking fresh milk straight from the udder of their own cows.
They don’t organize parties from birthdays, house warmings , expensive interments and lavish weddings which the Ibadan elite relish in.
Therefore the Fulani grin and wait. Ibadan would come around eventually to their new prices.

Meanwhile customers watch the scene with anxiety and ask, ‘who blinks first’ ?

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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