Illegal Nigerian Migrants In US Flee To Canada Via Roxham Rd, Like Escapee Slaves, 200 Yrs Ago

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May 23, 2019

Illegal Nigerian immigrants fleeing to Canada from the US.
Trying to convince Canadian border guards to let them in as they cross the Roxham road into an uncertain future in Canada.
Even their children, some born in the United State are not left out of the pitiable condition of those fleeing their native land due to lack of opportunities or strife.
Talking from a respectable distance from the US side to border guards on the Canadian border. Desperation and hopelessness expressed.
This lady has a US born baby, but she has to leave due to the clampdown from the Trump regime.

While many Mexican immigrants in the US are scoffing at US President Donald Trump’s hardline border stance and immigration policies by returning to their homeland because of an improved economy, illegal Nigerian immigrants are full of worry and in a quandary over the American president’s rhetoric on illegal immigration.

The Nigerians are therefore reinventing the old underground railroads used by African slaves in 400 years of history to flee the US by heading north into Canada.
This time, through Roxham Road at the American-Canadian border crossing.

There was an influx of Nigerians fleeing the economic hardship in their country recently, coupled with the deadliest insurgencies from Boko Haram to the now heightened Fulani herdsmen militia kidnapping gangs all over the country. The migrants arrive the US on tourist or temporary visas, but at the expiry of such, melt into the larger American society.
President Obama tried to document and legalize many of them, but the constant deluge made President Donald Trump very angry and his rhetoric rose. Then border fences increased.

Frightened illegal migrants who have overstayed their visas and can’t get work are fleeing to Canada.

As long as many have US visas, they can enter Canada and that revokes their right to return to the US automatically. And could possibly face prosecution in Canada. Yet they would rather risk it than stay back in the US.

Chances of economic and security improvements in Nigeria continues to receive less than average to poor ratings, more so as farmers can’t get to their farms out of fear of kidnappers and bandits, while at the same time, the Country’s Central Bank Governor, Emefiele has warned about another slide into recession.

Gloomy statistics from the nation’s economic and security fronts continue to drive many more Nigerians into the indignities of life outside homeland, to the mockery and scorn of citizens of other countries who belong to nations where things work.

Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

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