‘I’m Asking The Elderly To Stay Home’, As Macron Orders Daycares, Schools And Universities To Close In France

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March 13, 2020

French President Emmanuel Macron. Announces new measures.

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced measures aimed at containing or mitigating the effects of the covid-19 in a solemn address to the citizenry, as well as measures aimed at stimulating the economy.
The elderly aged 70 or more are advised to stay at home, especially those suffering from chronic illnesses and breathing difficulties. With 61 deaths in France, the pandemic is regarded as the worst so far in a long time.

Daycares, schools and universities are ordered closed from Monday.

Although he has proposed a meeting with American president, Donald Trump at an emergency G-7 summit this weekend. More so as the American president has announced a suspension of travel between Europe and the US. And markets have plummeted immediately after the travel ban.

“No gathering of more than 500 people”, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo announces general measures meant to contain the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile some Broadway shows have been canceled.

13 percent of the entire economy of Italy depends on luxury goods and tourism, therefore with the pandemic forcing cancelations of hotel bookings and cultural engagements suspended, the economy of the country is badly hit.

Over 1,000 deaths have been reported in Italy. And 15,113 cases reported.

Schools in Italy have been closed since March 4, 2020. Online classes for students are not exactly easy for everyone. School runs have been a major disruption for everyone and not everyone can afford to keep kids at home.

Public transport in Italy are running but most buses are empty. The streets in Rome, the eternal city are deserted.

Ireland has closed schools from Friday, today.

WHO chief says that the Coronavirus is controllable.

This is the worst humanitarian crisis in a century.

12 out of 54 countries in Africa have reported infections. Overall, Africa has seen fewer cases so far, and most of the cases are imported. Communities are urged to do what they can to implement more proactive measures, according to Dr. Michel Yao, Manager for Emergency Response, WHO AFRICA, speaking from DR Congo.

Dr Michel Yao.
Manager, Emergency Response Africa, WHO.

He also added that the Continent needs some help in getting critical infrastructure. But Africa has had some experience in handling the Ebola epidemic some years back.

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