Inside ‘Arewa North’, Returnee Herdsmen Need Police Permit To Re-enter Their Homeland

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May 29, 2021


Open grazing and it’s devastation 


It is becoming clearer by the day that there’s equal disdain for Open grazing of livestock that has brought about devastation and ruination to crop farmers and all that antagonism against southern governors who courageously banned open grazing, was mere political grandstanding.

Herdsmen returning to Kano State from other states of the federation must do so with clearance, the state police commissioner, Sama’ila Dikko, said on Wednesday.

Mr Dikko issued the directive after an emergency meeting with Fulani leaders in the city, according to a report by Inside Arewa.

A public affairs commentator on Twitter had this to say: “In other words, Gov. Ganduje bans unauthorized grazing. But it’s the north and so no wrong is done. Southern Governors back Governor @RotimiAkeredolu” (Rotimi Akeredolu is the governor of Ondo State in the South West who first set the ball rolling inexorably, to stop the archaic practice).

Open cattle grazing in the 17thC style preferred by the nomadic Fulani herdsmen have been largely responsible for the murders of farmers in the south and the Middle belt, regions that are largely sedentary for centuries before the incursions of Fulanis from their northern Sahelian regions of West Africa towards the coastal regions due to climate change and their peripatetic lifestyle of constant movement.

Such movements have spawned with it, banditry and other forms of criminality like kidnappings, rape, murders, insecurities and displacements of entire communities.

All admonitions to the herdsmen to adopt modern cow herding best practices that could even unlock wealth as it is in the Netherlands, other parts of Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Asia have largely failed due to their ferocious resistance to change. They’d rather exterminate human beings to continue with their unsustainable practice.

Southern governors have decided to stand up to ban the practice and highly intimidated governors in the Middle belt crop farming region are silently nodding in affirmation.

Greg Abolo with additional reporting from Inside Arewa.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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