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Thursday, November 16, 2017

If it is true that the support allegedly given to the Mallam to sack 21,750 teachers is a true reflection of the President’s thinking, then there seem to be a conspiracy of some sort against the entire population of Kaduna State by an axis of evil operating from Sir Kashim Ibrahim House and the palatial fortress called Aso Rock. Let us start by situating this treatise in the obvious fact that PMB in no small measure contributed to inflicting the Mallam on all of the electorate in the State. It was the President who too early in the day raised El-rufai’s hand at the Trade Fair ground in Kaduna thus signifying his preference of the gubernatorial candidate.

It is on record that most of those who were at the venue confessed that even though someone’s hand had been raised, they did not see who’s it was in spite of the fact that the duo were standing on an elevated platform.
I have, just as many others said that by so doing the President had inadvertently subverted the will of the people of this State. In any case, our people trooped to the voting centres to cast their votes not for the Mallam but for Muhammadu Buhari who as it were at that time, was the symbol of the APC.

Since that election in 2015, the Mallam has gone ahead to treat our State as if it were captured territory. The first rounds of fire as hostilities opened between the population in Kaduna and the Mallam was when he insulated all of us indigenous to Kaduna by declaring that there are no indigenes in the State.
The Mallam got away with such a satanic declaration which we now understand was to make way for importing his friends and sundry economic urchins for the task of a systematic bleeding of the State economy. The little man working in concert with the economic vampires have since auctioned off most of the physical assets built by previous administrations to his chosen few. If in almost 3 of the 4 years in the life of this regime, the Mallam is yet to put a single block on another towards Making Kaduna Great, I wonder when the build-up will start.

It is very clear that the Mallam is yet to purge himself of the impunity which characterized his tenure as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister.

Mallam had wanted to use our Kaduna State as one of the rungs of an invisible ladder that he will climb to his ultimate goal of becoming the President. He had hoped to make a caricature of the style of leadership of the President to warm himself into the hearts and minds of the electorate.
Situate the timings of the epistle he wrote to the President shortly before he left the country on health grounds and you will understand the calculations. While the entire nation prayed for the President’s quick recovery some evil geniuses were praying for something worse.

It has variously been alleged that the Mallam did make an effort to lobby the Vice President who then was Acting President just in case President Muhammadu Buhari did not make it back home in good health to continue with his job as President.
Had this doomsday calculations worked, probably the Mallam possibly would have hoped to be drafted in as the Vice-president. From there you can better guess what next would then happen thereafter.

There is nothing that Mallam’s government has put in place in Kaduna State for which he will be remembered after the electorate in Kaduna State may have sacked him.
The electorate in Kaduna State have had to resign themselves to listening to incendiary speeches, reckless pronouncements, endless staff verification exercises and dismissals of people including traditional leaders from work.
Calling a spade a spade, Mallam has brought nothing to Kaduna State but sorrows, tears and blood.

We therefore have since realised our error of judgement and have resolved once and for all to expel him from Sir Kashim Ibrahim House democratically come 2019.
Realizing what will come to pass by God’s grace, the Mallam in his usual foxy manner has begun making entreaties to Aso Rock to contest again for the governorship of Kaduna state. It is an open fact that the Mallam went to Aso Rock to get PMB’s nod to contest again in 2019.
This clearly shows that our man is lacking in confidence over his chances.

The Mallam can hire the very best political strategists to help him but WE, THE ELECTORATE in Kaduna State will give him the thrashing of his life.

Put succinctly, nobody can help the Mallam including the President because his political fortunes are irredeemable. We are done with the tragedy of 2015 because as things now stand, between the Mallam and PMB it is unclear who will be able to help the other. The only viable opposition in Kaduna which as it were is within the APC has made presentations to the President, Senate, EFCC, ICPC and the APC Headquarters regarding the style of governance in Kaduna and in particular the contrived delegate elections which. never held in Kaduna State yet, the issues have not been dealt with. Any thought to once again foist Mallam on the electorate in Kaduna State will suffer the same fate as the Titanic still lying at the bottom of the north Atlantic.

In Kaduna State, we shall continue to lick the wounds the Mallam has inflicted on us while waiting patiently for 2019. The Kaduna Restoration Group has therefore resolved to work in concert with other like minded individuals and groups to achieve the task of rescuing Kaduna from the jaws of this bandit regime. That the President is said to have given the nod for the sacking of 21,750 teachers for failing a competency test if indeed true simply means that the President is pitching his tent with Mallam and turning his back on the people of Kaduna State.
Why for instance should a domestic affair in Kaduna State be taken to the President for his consent?
Just in case the President does not know, there is yet another plan to sack over 15,000 local government staff. If this travesty goes through, what then happens to the campaign promises of creating more jobs?
The electorate voted for more jobs not job losses.

In conclusion, the Mallam is clearly a political liability and not an asset. After his sacking, he could have time to chronicle his tenure as governor in a new book I suggest to be titled, “The Accidental Governor”.

Written by Gora Dauda. He writes  from Kaduna, North Central Nigeria.

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