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November 21, 2017

Just give it to them, the separatist agitators of the Indigenous Peoples Of Biafra, IPOB have delivered a clear and distinct message.
They want an independent country of their own to be called Biafra and this will comprise of the core Igbo states and there’s also some in their midst, a good number of the members who want other neighboring states to join them.

The truth remains that their agitation has been heard very loudly, and everyone agrees that the Nigerian structure does not favor, not only the Igbo people, but the minority tribes of the south and the north as well.
To spite your face, you do not need to cut your nose. To implement the lofty plans for the Biafran people, would be rather tumultuous and challenging for them, and for the rest parts of the country as well.

Be that as it may, there’s a groundswell of goodwill towards their cause, but the course for achieving it might prove slightly tricky for everyone.

In pursuit of the dream of forcing Nigeria’s hand to agree to a referendum, IPOB decided on a boycott of the Anambra State November 18 election. Many anambrarians were pained over this.

As much as the election boycott protagonists were concerned, the boycott was a resounding success.
INEC figures, for whatever they are worth, indicate that perhaps, the better part of valor would probably have rested with a participation in the election to put a pro Biafra minded governor in office.
That chance went with the wind, blown away.

See for yourself, the figures that voted or didn’t vote in Anambra 2013 elections, and those that participated in the exercise this year, 2017. Nothing much really changed.

2013 versus 2017 figures in Anambra Election.

Anambra 2013 Result

APGA (Obiano) 180,178
PDP (Nwoye) 97,700
APC (Ngige) 95,963
LP (Ifeanyi) 37495
Total 411,336
Total Votes Cast in 2013: 442,242

Total registered Voters 1,770,127

Anambra 2017 Result

APGA (Obiano) 234,071
APC (Nwoye) 98,752
PDP (Obaze) 70,293
UPP (Chidoka) 7903
Total 411,019
Total Votes Cast in 2017: 448,771
Total Registered Voters 2,158,171

From the above figures, it is obvious that the parties were almost consistent with their figures, irrespective of the candidates. Tony Nwoye in the PDP scored 97,700 in 2013.
Candidate Oseloka Obaze in the same party, scored 70,293 in 2017.
When Tony Nwoye crossed over to the APC in 2017, his score rose to 98,752.

Therefore really, what manner of a boycott is this?
Maybe the agitation would need a lot more agitation and hopefully, a post Buhari administration might need to listen to the voice of the people, so as to redress imbalances and deliver a happier nation where everyone is at peace with the other.

For now, it is still a long road to travel.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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