Kaduna 2019: Discernment And Circumspection, Antidotes To El Rufa’i Remaining As Governor



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November 6, 2018

Sen. Suleiman Hunkuyi (t0p left) had less than 12 hours notice of groundrent non payment before his house was demolished allegedly on the orders of Gov. El-Rufai, (in black cap).

I am just done with studying the seminal post “Schadenfreude In Sir Kashim Ibrahim’s House” incisively and so beautifully written by Fr Williams Kaura Abba. For me, this is the ” Mother of All Posts” which has outlined the travails of the population in Kaduna State under El Rufai’s watch as governor.

In my very candid view Fr Abba’s post has encapsulated all the contradictions and misrule of the Nasiru El Rufa’i regime. I therefore have no intention of adding to this issue as everything has been written by many a writer on the plight of our people in the hands of this atrocious individual and what passes as the government of which he firmly or at least flaunts himself as Chief executive officer.

That we are in this mess today in Kaduna State is traceable to the 1999 Constitution as Amended having failed to include psychiatric evaluation for anyone aspiring for political leadership not only in Kaduna State but in all the States of the Federation. Had this been done, the people if Kaduna State would almost certainly have been saved from the madness called governance in Kaduna and a few other States in this country. I heard a medical doctor saying the other day that the best form of treatment for cancer is excision which we must have to undertake come 2019 if Kaduna State is to heal enough to begin the very arduous task of rebuilding.

We are all agreed that Malam Nasiru must be sacked through political means from further desecrating the hallowed chambers of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House.come 2019. It is for all of us to not only resolve to be prepared to go out in our millions to vote on election day. Voting will only be one step towards achieving our desired goal of expelling El Rufai from Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, a follow-up is that we must be prepared to defend our votes by all means legally possible.

In this regard, we must take Joseph Stalin’s warning seriously when he observed that voters hardly rig elections but that those responsible for the counting of votes and announcing the results do the rigging. The electoral umpire must know that it has the responsibility to ensure that our votes will count. We advice patience by all voters in the face of deliberate delays and other measures designed to frustrate the intending voters. We must know that though electronic devices are intended to facilitate and to enhance the credibility and overall outcome of elections, they are vulnerable to serial manipulations. This is one sure area the regime wili explore to further entrench itself in power. We need not be reminded that the balance of power rests with the regime to the extent that it has all the money to be deployed in trying to subvert the will of the people. The regime controls the security forces as well as other personnel who will be responsible for conducting the elections. In Kaduna State we have already raised the issue of the so-called Civilian Joint Task Force clandestinely set and appears to be operating outside the law with dangerous weapons within built up areas. I see this group as a potential threat to a credible, free and fair election in Kaduna State.

Fr Williams Kaura Abba has already outlined how the dictatorship has carefully and deliberately weakened most States institutions which in the past made Kaduna State the enviable State it was. El Rufai did this on purpose therefore steps must be taken to ensure that he does not achieve his aim of remaining as governor in Kaduna State.

This post is essentially concerned with how we could inadvertently return the dictator El Rufai to Sir Kashim Ibrahim House as governor in the 2019 general elections. The people of Kaduna State must wake up from the terminal political slumber to identify who and who constitute an albatross to the democratic culture we have been struggling to nurture in Kaduna State. Doing this we must.

Senator Ahmed Makarfi, former governor of Kaduna State.

I see Sen Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi former governor, former senator, former PDP caretaker Chairman, former presidential aspirant and now a frustrated senatorial aspirants as a major stumbling block to the entire arrangement to supplant Nasiru El Rufai from Sir Kashim Ibrahim House. It must be noted by those who are still politically BLIND that Sen Ahmed Makarfi does not love Kaduna State rather he loves himself and most importantly power while using a cocktail of blackmail, conspiracy and intimidation as means to feathering his own nest. As things currently stand, there is the conspiracy theory making the rounds in almost every burkutu and palmwine joint that the same man is in league with the dictator to yet again subvert the will of the people of Kaduna come 2019 by returning the dictator back to Sir Kashim Ibrahim House.

How then is this conspiracy achievable?
Very simple, Sen Ahmed Makarfi’s awesome political machine succeeded in foisting before the people of the State a governorship candidate who some people believe has issues with his candidature which is receiving tacit support of the dictator. If in the end this candidate does contest and wins the gubernatorial contest, the dictator can then activate the court processes to pronounce the winner as being ineligible in the first instance to have contested in which case the dictator will be declared the winner. There is a ferocious battle already underway on the political battlefield for survival by certain political pugilists particularly in the northern senatorial zone of the State. This battle did in fact inform the grand conspiracy to manipulate the processes and the eventual outcome of the gubernatorial primaries held on 30 September 2018.

Sadly and regrettably so, the Southern Kaduna part of the State was turned into an ” Animal Farm ” to serve Makarfi’s vindictive agenda. If the conspiracy theory outlined above is true, it therefore means that the dictator and the gang will not even bother to go out campaigning when the time comes.
Why should he even bother to campaign when he can easily win through the courts? The likes of Senator Ahmed Makarfi will not be losing anything from the entire political alchemy rather they will receive handsome rewards from the dictatorship for helping to actualize the plot. The overall losers will be the people of Kaduna State and in the 4 years of another El Rufai dictatorship, you can bet that it will be hell on earth.

I am from Southern Kaduna and very proudly so and must reiterate that I am still a novice in the game of politics but my eyes are very wide open to the backyard roe the people of Southern Kaduna have all along been conveniently deployed to essentially by Sen Ahmed Makarfi.
Why are my people so innured?
Why are we so content with feeding on the crumbs falling from other people’s tables?
Why do we have so many political prostitutes from this area?

It is common knowledge that quite a number of these political prostitutes earlier lined up for the deputy governorship position on the platform of the PDP are currently licking their open sores in frustration. At the vanguard are the likes of the PDP State Party Chairman, the Chairman of the Stakeholders of the Party , a political Reverend from the zone as well as another character who reduced himself to being an agent of one of the gubernatorial aspirants during the primaries. These guys as individuals and as a group deserve what came to them because they are traitors to the Southern Kaduna struggle. I am praying that younger politicians from this area will learn a lesson from this treachery and perfidy exhibited by some of our so-called Southern Kaduna political class in the selfish plan to feathering their nests

If we are to avert the calamitous possibility of El Rufai remaining as governor, it behoves on us to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to ensure a credible candidate contests the elections particularly on the ticket of the PDP being the only Party with the capacity to challenge the present dictatorship come the 2019 general elections.

Alternatively, a more credible and politically astute candidate be sourced to contest on the platform of any of the smaller political parties as our collective will can make such a candidate win Sir Kashim Ibrahim House back. The only other option will be tragic for all of us. I am well aware that some political urchins and hangers on will not be happy reading this post but whether they like it or not it is both a prognosis and prescription all in one.

In my village, many years ago, I recall my parents used to line us up very early in the mornings some of the time to administer a yellowish extract from a particular root, the botanical name I must confess I do not know. The extract was so bitter and we had no choice but to drink it on empty stomachs The purpose was that it was an anti malaria mixture. Largely it worked because it served as an alternative to the almighty QUININE of those days for those who could afford it.

Written by Col Gora Dauda (rtd).

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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