Kaduna Based NGO Focusing On Ameliorating The Sufferings Of Aids Patients, Uses Dedicated Hands, Sincerity To Succeed

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December 2, 2019

Oyo State Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde (middle); his wife and chairperson, Oyo State Agency for the control of AIDS (OYSACA), Mrs Tamunominini Makinde (right) and SACA, Project Manager, Dr Ogunkunle Olukayode during the inauguration of the board members of SACA held at Governor’s Office, Secretariat, Ibadan. PHOTO: Oyo State Government.

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With the global recognition of December 1st as World’s Aids Day, an event usually commemorated annually for Persons Living With AIDS, many have continuously looked forward with great expectations of what to experience from the Hope for the Village Child Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation, NGO based in Chikun Local Government Council of Kaduna state.

The impact of the Foundation has over the years, touched positively, the lives of many people, not just in Chikun but also in Igabi, Kajuru, Kaduna South Local Government Councils and even beyond with several others from neighbouring states.

Following the immense and unmeasured contributions of the staff and personnel of the Hope for the Village Child Foundation in ameliorating the health conditions and socio – economic well-being of rural dwellers, especially those residing in far away settlements and communities, its presence in these rural communities has been regarded as God-sent.

Not only has the Foundation extended health extension services such as maternal healthcare, treatment of malaria and other health issues including educational support programmes, it has also provided treatment for children with rickets, physical and mental disabilities which has further endeared it to all with some even coming from the adjoining communities close to the metropolis.

To this end, some of the victims of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, generally termed as Persons Living With Aids, PLWD within and outside Chukun Local Government Council Area of Kaduna state have expressed their immense gratitude to the Hope for the Village Child Foundation which has made life worth living to them.

This, according to them is greatly appreciated despite the challenges of stigmatization, financial burden of obtaining medication and, from available information, are reportedly gearing up to celebrate the World’s AIDS Day.

The Hope for the Village Child Foundation has carved a niche for itself especially with its humane programmes that has brought life to people resident in some of the communities that had hitherto, faced neglect from society, particularly, government; both at state and national levels.

How this foundation has been able to succeed and make commendable inroads in these rural communities remains unknown but however, this platform through its dedicated investigations, discovered that, the sincerity of purpose by the management team of dedicated hands; tasked with the responsibility of running the affairs of the Hope for the Village Child Foundation, has been the magic wand.

However, these have come with challenges to the HVCF as many come with varying health needs that sometimes seem cumbersome but this has not in any way, deterred the management team of the centre in their show of love to physically challenged persons including the sick. The gains are little but the pains have always remained high but, with its determination, pains are daily, overshadowed by the gains, no matter how little.

Written by Emmanuel Onotevure.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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