Kaduna Poly Ventures Into Fish Farming Business, Block Moulding

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January 31, 2019

By Mike Odeh James

From a distance, one would get the impression that Kaduna city in the semi arid desert of Northern Nigeria would fight shy of aquaculture as it is seen to be dry and with little water.
The Kaduna Polytechnic is set to change that perception because the real meaning of Kaduna is, a place infested with crocodiles. And crocodiles live in water.

Kaduna Polytechnic is set to meet the fish needs of the community.

The Rector of Kaduna Polytechnic, Dr Idris Muhammad Bugaje therefore yesterday January 30, 2019, commissioned an ultramodern Fishpond and a block Industry within the premises of Kaduna Polytechnic, Tudun Wada to prove cynics wrong that the city has water to sustain fisheries and participate in industry.

The two projects were built and would be managed by Kadpoly Consult, a subsidiary of Kaduna Polytechnic.

The Fishpond is fitted with four large fishponds, a borehole specifically built to supply water, floodlights and four overhead water tanks. The fishponds have a total capacity of holding over 20,000 fingerlings which would mature and be harvested within 7 months .

Similarly, the block Industry has the capacity of producing nine inches blocks at the rate of 3,000 blocks per day .

Speaking on the commissioning of the projects, Dr Bugaje expressed satisfaction with the management of Kadpoly Consult for doing a fine job.

He also revealed that when he came onboard as the rector of Kaduna Polytechnic in October 2017 ,Kadpoly Consult was was operating at a loss and without remitting a single kobo to Kaduna Polytechnic. He therefore sacked the management and brought in the present management headed by Dr. Ngilari who has “repositioned Kadpoly Consult to the extent that the company now remits five Million Naira every quarter to the Polytechnic since 2017 .

With the commissioning of these projects ,it my hope that Kadpoly Consult would be remitting over N5 million”

Alhaji Yusuf Hassan, the Chairman of Kaduna Polytechnic also lauded the doggedness and business acumen of the Managing Director, Dr.Ngilari for re-positioning the organization .

Speaking to pressmen, Dr Nasiru Bello Yilari said that when he came onboard as the management director of Kadpoly Consult , he conducted a feasibility study and the result showed that , the building of a fishpond and block industry by the Kadpoly Consult would generate employment for the students of Kaduna Polytechnic and for the host community .

He added that both the Fish Farm and the block industry would generate massive internally generated revenue (IGR) for the company and the school which would bridge the gap between the funding from the Federal Government and what the Polytechnic needs .

“The more we build projects like this, the more we generate revenue and the more we remit to the Polytechnic” he said .

The Managing Director further added that the company funded the projects by itself without credit facility from the bank or the Polytechnic.

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