Kaduna State: Complicated Political Roadmap For It’s Embattled Christian Minority



The Oasis Reporters

November 3, 2018


Mathew Kantiyok Writes To Southern Kaduna Christians

Southern Kaduna has never been this tasked politically in its entire history since the carving out of Katsina from Kaduna State in 1987. The political roadmap has never been this complicated and challenging in the political choice that confronts us in 2019.

We must be circumspect, mature and above all sagacious in our political decisions. A wrong move will send us to political obscurity which might take us at least 50 years before we can recover.

The Kaduna State Governor is a shrewd strategist and a master political mathematician. WHICH WAY OUT?

1. If we, Southern Kaduna Christians make the 2019 elections on the basis of religion, it’s a game of numbers we might eventually play ourselves. Do we have the numbers to single-handedly elect a Governor?
No, we don’t.

2. The new Kaduna Deputy Governor candidate is she not one of our own from Southern Kaduna?
Are we going to deny her our constituency simply because she is not from our faith? What message are we sending to the outside world? This is an outright discrimination we are also claiming against.

3. What if we put all our eggs in one basket behind the PDP candidate and he fails to win because we will make ALL the Muslims consolidate behind the Governor and that will be over? Have we not annihilated ourselves from the political equation of the State?


1. This game is played with brains and tact, not emotions and sentiments. Like I said earlier, it’s a game of numbers and to achieve whatever goal we seek to have we need those numbers.

It entails winning the confidence of the other side through negotiations, give and take and what not.

2. Since the return of democracy in 1999 that produced our sons as deputy governors and the Governor has that developed Southern Kaduna schools, hospitals, and infrastructure if not of the last 3 years?

3. Politics should be played of development and service to our people.

4. What I expect the 2019 political conversation in Southern Kaduna to be centered around is getting a commitment from the Governor in respect of what he
will do for our constituency for getting our support in 2019.

What will be the compensation of our Christian Deputy slot?
More commissioners, Minister, Ambassadors, the portfolios? SA’s,? The SSG or COS perhaps and so more. THIS IS HOW IT’S PLAYED.

5. I believe if we play it strategically in 2019, we can have Governorship position in 2023.

But, ONLY if we can play this game with our heads not our hearts. With tact not anger and over and above all with compromise, peace and love not hate and strife. 4 years is just like a flash but what you build in those years is what matters most.

I call on all our Southern Kaduna Christians to rise above this challenge or risk being in the same pattern of the Igbos in Nigeria where their constant political choices leave them vulnerable and obscure in the political equation of the country. We must rise and leave a legacy of hope for our people and children or risk being in the political power wilderness for the next 50 years.


Mathew Kantiyok
Southern Kaduna Christians Intelligence Network.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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