Kidnapped Kaduna Monarch, Yohanna Sidi Kukah, Released ‘Hale And Hearty’


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January 11, 2018

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah (left), and brother newly released from captivity, the Agwom Akulu, Yohanna Kukah

If there’s certainty of any Thanksgiving service in a North western Nigerian Catholic Diocese on Sunday, January 14, 2018, that diocese would be the Catholic diocese of Sokoto, (the seat of the Fulani Caliphate where there’s a Sultan, head of all the Muslims in Nigeria, who doubles also as the leader of the Fulani ethnic group in West Africa).

The Thanksgiving service would be ordered by a grateful Bishop, His Lordship, Matthew Hassan Kukah.
He may testify that nothing is as gratifying than for a bishop to humble himself and ask his people for prayers, and they get answered.

His brother, Yohanna Sidi Kukah, the Agwom Akulu (paramount ruler of the Ikulu nation in Southern Kaduna) who was abducted by armed gun men on the night of January 2nd, 2018 at his residence in Anchuna, has just been released, hale and hearty.

The “Entire Ikulu nation wishes to announce the release of our Royal father, HRH Mal. Yohanna Sidi Kukah the Agwom Akulu who was abducted by armed gun men on the night of January 2nd, 2018 at his residence in Anchuna, hale and hearty.
The Ikulu people thank the security agencies, various religious and traditional rulers, the media and the general public for their support and solidarity”.

Their Press Release signed by
Allahmagani Yohanna, for the Ikulu Traditional Council, has been obtained by The Oasis Reporters.

A spate of abductions, horrendous massacres, unmitigated arson, unspeakable human misery, rapes and lootings have been daily occurrences in the entire middle belt region where Christian minority groups as well as Muslim minority tribes are indigenous to, allegedly perpetrated by well connected and well armed Fulani ethnic militia, known and ranked globally as the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world.

Some abducted ethnic minority traditional rulers in the Middle belt were not so lucky. They were executed by the Fulani militia who seem bent on chasing indigenous minority groups out of their lands so as to use it for grazing by the Fulani cattle rearers.

Some political analysts in the region are of the opinion that the Agwom Akulu was released “hale and hearty” by the abductors owing to the realization by the backers of the militias engaged in kidnappings and murders that the abduction of the brother of a globally known Catholic bishop would be resisted by the global catholic community and the international backlash might be counter productive to their aims and ambitions.


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