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January 7, 2018

A Fulani socio-cultural organization Miyeti Allah Kautal Hore has added its voice in condemning in strong terms the barbaric and inhumane killings in Benue State blamed on some of her members. For years, killings have been taking place all over this nation largely blamed on herdsmen who are supposedly members of Miyetti Allah. For all of this, Miyetti Allah and her foot soldiers have been basking in the successes they have recorded murdering men, women, children, the infirm as well as the elderly.
Villagers have been razed, farmlands destroyed, populations supplanted and lives shattered.

Welcome to the season of the Fulani military advanturists. Let us take a short journey into the past so we can appreciate the very essence of this post.
Recall the years of political upheavals in neighbouring Chad? If you do, you will understand the reason our dear nation is embroiled in the current travails. The crisis in Chad occasioned population displacements and given the nature of our very porous borders particularly in the North East of this country, the herders simply walked into our otherwise peaceful country most of them bearing arms with which they defended themselves and their herds back in Chad.

Had these herdsmen been disarmed prior to entry into our country, they would have been purged of the. culture of violence which characterized their lives back in Chad. Their entry to Nigeria marked the beginning of armed banditry and cattle rustling which was unknown in the North East of our country.

Moving elsewhere, also recall the consequences of the Arab spring uprising which culminated in the civil war in Libya and the fall of Col Muammar Gaddafi’s government and military.
It is the Sahelian States that benefitted from the arms looted from the Libyan military armory. Our country and governments should have seen the danger in some of those arms ending up in Nigeria and ought to have taken proactive measures to tighten security in all our entry points.

Nobody did anything and today everyone as far south as Oyo, Kogi, Benue, Enugu are weeping and gnashing their teeth.
The story in Kaduna, Zamfara, Plateau, Nassarawa, Taraba and Adamawa and some other States has been that of tears, sorrow and blood. It is so sad and tragic that at the highest level of governance, the characters up there are hardly bothered about the plight of the people with particular regard to their safety and wellbeing.

How for instance would a President find it convenient to visit a State in a serious situation of insecurity for the purpose of commissioning a previously commissioned project and not even in one sentence say something to lift up the spirits of the beleaguered population of the State?
What is the relevance of the so-called Dry port when people and their property are not safe?

It was just a few days back before the President’s visit that the Monarch of the Numana Kingdom and his pregnant wife were viciously assassinated and within the same week, an Ikulu traditional ruler was brazenly kidnapped in his house yet this did not mean anything to those whose primary responsibility it is to secure the citizenry and any property they may have acquired. This level of insensitivity is most unprecedented in leadership.

It was reported that about 6 of the killer herdsmen who executed the terror in Benue State have been arrested. This is the first time such a feat has been achieved by the security forces. Before now, the Fulani terrorists and killer gangs have been operating with utmost impunity. They operate without the security forces challenging them only to disappear into thin air. The authorities have always been caught flat-footed.

Our dear nation is at the verge of being taken over by these terrorist elements. So many factors have conflated to have brought our nation to this sorry state.
With the very reckless leadership as that which the population of Kaduna State have been suffering under, compounded by equally reckless speeches surely we cannot have a situation different from what we are going through.

Until the role of the dictator in all that is happening in this State and elsewhere is exhaustively investigated to determine the extent of his involvement at least in the carnage playing out in this State, peace may well be as illusive as ever.
I predicate my thinking on the confession of the dictator himself with regard to the payment he made to some of the Fulani herdsmen so as not to undertake reprisal attacks for the 2011 post election violence which was not limited to Kaduna State alone.

The fact that he has been conducting foreign policy, independent of the Federal government constitutes a crime against this nation. His pronouncements since he became governor of this State have at best been incendiary and very divisive. By such pronouncements the rogue elements within the Fulani fold have been emboldened to be the more lawless. He does this benefiting from the immunity which the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria offers him. As his tenure is coming to a close, he must not be allowed to escape justice.

The arrest of the 6 killers has caused Miyeti Allah Kautal Hore to quickly issue a statement to the effect that the herdsmen arrested are not their members. Such statements or clarification have been long overdue if indeed the statement is a true reflection of the situation on ground. I know that it is quite unlikely that a real herdsman will abandon his herd and go killing and maiming others.

The rather dubious silence by Miyeti Allah in the face of very serious allegations against her members has only provided cover for the criminal elements within its ranks to continue orchestrating mayhem across the land. The implications of this criminal silence has placed other innocent Fulani herdsmen in harm’s way. We know just as everyone else does that those responsible for the insecurity were specially recruited for this purpose by some interest groups pursuant to a certain agenda.

Because Fulani herders interest was being served it became expedient for Miyeti Allah to keep mute. Now that some of the killers have been arrested if a good investigating team is assigned to the investigation the authorities may well be on the way to discovering those sponsoring the insecurity.
Because a secure Nigeria will be beneficial to all of us, Miyeti Allah will be better off exposing the rogue elements within its ranks.

Written by Gora Dauda.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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