Living Faith Church Bomber: Kaduna CAN Chairman Opens Up On Suspect’s Identity With Candour

The Oasis Reporters

February 5, 2020

Nathaniel Samuel

As controversy continues to trail the identity of the alleged suicide bomber arrested in the conveniences of the Living Faith Church, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna, the father of the victim, Mr. Samuel Ezekiel has declared that his son’s name is Nathaniel Samuel.

He is of Jawara tribe, from Bauchi state, while his mother is from Nassarawa State.

The Oasis Reporters followed the trail of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN Chairman in Kaduna State, Rev. Joseph Hayab and spoke with him extensively in an interview.

Rev. Hayab Sir, where you able to ascertain the identity of the alleged or attempted bomber of Living Faith Church in Sabon Tasha Kaduna?

Answer: Indeed yes. He’s Nathaniel Samuel, son of Mr. Ezekiel Samuel and I visited his home at Damishi village in the outskirts of Kaduna, in Chikun local government area.

The words of his father:

“Nathaniel was born in 1991.

“He has been a drug addict in spite of all efforts to make him understand the danger of what he is doing.

“He has found himself taking drugs and l have been struggling to put him in a right way but he has not been able to understand what l am telling him. That is all l know about him”.

When asked if Nathaniel has been staying at home, the father responded, “It has been long since he left the house and when he came back last weekend, l asked him what was wrong with him seeing him becoming a different person entirely. I discovered that his words were not consistent. He will say one thing and before you know it, he will tell you a different thing.

“Nathaniel could not tell me where he was coming from because he is not consistent in all that he says. I have been advising him on how to live a good life but he seems not to understand what l am telling him. He came and left last Saturday in the morning. Since he left that morning on Saturday, l did not hear anything about him until on Sunday when l heard what he did and then l was not at home. I learnt policemen came to my house in my absence but before l came back to the house, they had all left.

“Till date, nobody has come to my house to ask me what happened. It is only this morning being Tuesday, 4th February, 2020, that SSS from Chikun local government came to interview me on what happened and l explained to them what l have just told you.

“My concern is the lives of those he wanted to destroy if it is true that he carried bomb to the Church. Since l know Nathaniel, he has never been a Muslim but l tell you because of the drugs he takes, l had to take him to Psychiatric hospital, Kaduna for treatment. I could not cope with the expenses because l was not financially able to meet up, l had to take him back home”.

On his part, the state CAN chairman, Rev. Hayab said, “When the matter came up as l said in the previous interviews, there were conflicting reports; report that he said his name is Mohammed Sani, another report that his name is Nathaniel Samuel. What we are concerned with is- was there proper background investigation to know who he is and exactly what his name is?

“Now, we clearly stated that we are not interested about his name, tribe, religion and where he comes from but we are interested in the act of criminality that he would have committed and felt should be addressed. Part of our work as CAN is to go beyond making noise, and that is why we went to find out who is this Nathaniel or Mohammed”.

Luckily, he said, “ln our investigation, someone told me about his father and where his family lives. The good news is that l drove here and fortunately, the father of Nathaniel is someone that l, Rev. Joseph Hayab has known for many years.

“The story you hear from the father is the challenge of his son, Nathaniel and l believe in Nigeria, we can solve problems by doing a proper background checking. I am sad that the policemen who came to the father of Nathaniel could not be patient to wait to hear the true story of the boy in question, impatience and sometimes lack of professionalism could cause some problems in the society”.

Rev. Joseph Hayab appealed to Nigerians to use the situation of Nathaniel to learn.

The Oasis Reporters further asked Rev. Hayab if he believes that what Nathaniel held was actually a bomb.

He told us that we must not preempt the outcome of police investigations.

However, someone close to the Christian leadership in Kaduna chuckled and said to us on the sidelines that it is not unusual for a drug addict or someone with a slightly distorted mental balance to believe that a piece of plastic or wood is a bomb or even a car.
“Their reality is distorted”. Therefore what he was caught with in the lavatory may actually not be any bomb at all, going by how he clutched it. “I believe that it is not a bomb at all. How come it didn’t detonate?”.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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