New Olu of Warri, Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko Ascends His Father’s Throne In Classic Delta Way: The Wife Is Urhobo

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April 6, 2021

The newly emerged Olu of Warri, Prince Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko

Smiling by the side of Prince Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko as he ascends the throne of his fathers, is his delectable wife, Mrs Ivie Uhunoma Emiko.

One thing to be said about Delta State is that it is homeland to a multiplicity of diverse tribes. They may yell at each other in the day. At night they ‘sleep’ together across languages and tribes. The common lingua franca is pidgin English. There’s virtually no family that has all it’s members from one tribe.



The old Olu of Warri has joined his ancestors. Story has it that King Atuwatse II (formerly Prince Emiko) once told an Isoko delegation that his mother hailed from Emevor in Isoko North Local Government. Much of the youths in the Isoko delegation were trying to process the fact that the highly revered King Erejuwa (Atuwatse’s father) had as Queen, a lady from their tribe.

Here comes a newly emerged Olu of Warri Prince Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko. As he ascends to sit on his father’s throne, smiling by his side is Mrs Ivie Uhunoma Emiko. Those names of hers are strongly Urhobo sounding. That’s the neighboring language of the Urhobo tribe that they all live together by sounding as one.

This will further cement the pact of love that Delta desperately needs to make the state not only multilingual and multi ethnic, but united as one.

The new Olu, Prince Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko (Tsola for short) was born on 2nd April 1984 to Ogiame Atuwatse II the Olu of Warri (prior to his ascending the throne) & Olori Gladys Durorike Emiko, in Warri, Nigeria.

He got his basic education from NNPC Primary School in Warri and for his secondary education, he went on to Adesoye College, Offa, Kwara State from 1995 to 2001.

Prince Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko got admitted to Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA where he bagged his Bachelor’s of Arts majoring in International Studies and Political Science, with History and Economics as minors, from 2002 to 2006.

He took his educational pursuits further by earning a Master’s of Science in Management, from Case Western Reserve University in 2007.

On his return, back to Nigeria for the mandatory one year National Youth Service Corp, NYSC in 2008 he served in the Public Affairs Department of National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS).

Between 2009 – 2010 he worked as an officer with Shell Nigeria Closed Pension Fund as Administrator (SNCFPA) and Govt Relations.

Then Sahara Energy, 2010-2012.

Prince Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko, a serial entrepreneur is the founder of NobleNigerian Ltd and Coral Curator Ltd. He is a Director, Ocean Marine Security Ltd.
Director, Gulf of Guinea Ltd and Vessellink Nig Ltd.

Prince Tsola Emiko is a loving and caring husband to Mrs Ivie Uhunoma Emiko. The couple has three children, Oritsetsemiaye, Oritsetemisan & Oritsetimeyin Emiko.

Prince Tsola, a goal getter, loves traveling, hiking, swimming, kayaking, football, basketball & American Football.

He is a keen follower of history and enjoys movies. He is a follower of Christ and a nation builder.

Additional reporting: Jefferson Uwoghiren

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