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November 29, 2018

Green – White – Green symbolizes the flag of Nigeria.

” Hell is empty, and all the devils are here”. William Shakespeare.

The title of this post may on the face of it appear highly judgemental but after closely examining what this nation has and is still passing through, not in the hands of an army of occupation or some other occupying power but those of Nigerians especially the ones we voted for in this sort of democracy.

Going biblically, the Holy book tells us that Lucifer was once the most favoured of Angels in heaven and that his problem with God Almighty who created all things started when he got so puffed up with his position and was on the verge of equating himself with the Creator. He got expelled well away from the Heavenly host and had to come down to earth to establish his own kingdom while awaiting punishment since his sin could not be forgiven.

Even in thoughts, I have sought to distance myself from Lucifer because I am able to see and hear how he is influencing people negatively as to be able to raise a following to share with him the pit of hell burning with fire and brimstone. I once heard someone acting the role of a priest in a Western movie say that the Devil ( Lucifer) has the largest congregation.

Given what is happening in our society
today in spite of the influence of religion, no sane person can contest the fact that the Devil does in fact have the largest congregation. The choice of the title of this post distilled from a chat I had with a former colleague of mine in the military profession when he concluded that Nigeria indeed is Lucifer’s enclave. This summation was as a result of very careful analysis of events in this nation
which have conflated to make this nation stunted, reason it is unable to make progress and discerners also conclude that the nation was not meant to work in the first place.

The British colonizers displayed no idiocy when during the scramble and partition of Africa, they saw and identified the potentials of the territory which is now Nigeria, well and above other largely barren regions which largely went to another colonizing power France. The colonizing powers without distinction were not invited to come over but they came because they wanted raw materials, a market for their products, sources of cheap labour and where to spread their religion amongst other reasons. They were compelled by a set of circumstances to have to abandon the colonial enterprise eventually.

Even with the manner they exploited both our human and natural resources, they still left behind a nation with some of the greatest potentials for growth and development. Most of the nations of Southeast Asia collectively identified as the Asian Tigers were nowhere near Nigeria in terms of both potentials and prospects for growth.

What then happened as to be responsible for our arrested growth?
Three factors are largely responsible. They are ethnicity, religious considerations, lack of a patriotic zeal and of course the mother of all problems, CORRUPTION.

While the colonizers held sway, we never saw ourselves as either Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa but as subjects of the colonizing power however, as soon as they left, we quickly returned to our ethnic cocoons. Only lip service is being paid to building a united, virile and strong nation. There must be a Lucifer of sort responsible for undermining the effort to grow this nation.

The leadership has consistently failed to harness the great potentials in this country towards building a better nation for the citizens. Year after year, the nation’s resources are squandered or looted by the same characters we have trusted our collective will to and they do so without compunction. The justice system which should be continually on guard to protect the people of this nation is almost lying helpless. Criminal cases and other infractions are deliberately delayed making the efforts of obtaining justice a mirage.

Corruption has assumed a larger than life image in this nation sadly, it is the elected officials that are largely responsible for it. The immunity clause for Chief executive officers has been reinforced into a rampart behind which they are operating. The modest effort of the EFCC in fighting corruption has itself been serially criticized as being selective. There was a cartoon the other day of a fantastically corrupt official and member of an opposition political party who was about to be hanged and as usual after the noose had been placed in position, he was asked if he had anything to say before the hangman is given the order to proceed and he answered in the affirmative. All he said was that he wanted to join the All Progressive Congress ( APC ), the noose was immediately removed and he was hugged and embraced by the official who was to have supervised the hanging while telling him that had he made the declaration/defection much earlier there would have been no need of taking him to the gallows in the first place.

This is a country where contracts are awarded but as soon as the contract sums or part thereof is collected, the contractor simply disappears or abandons the site completely without any effort at apprehending and or prosecuting such. Political corruption is largely responsible for the lack of political stability in this country. Serial criminals are in the habit of deploying curruptly acquired resources to manipulate their way to executive positions where they will be beyond the reach of the law for as long as they remain in power. As soon as their terms are about to end, they again will manipulate the system to become law makers from the former position of LAW BREAKERS. This way, they effectively evade justice.

This is obviously not how to grow a nation. What would you make of a nation that trains people up to the strategic level as happens in the nation’s armed forces as well as other departments of government only to send them into retirement? How would such a nation derive anything from the training which she has paid for and the knowledge acquired? A system needed to have been designed as to how to derive the benefits of the knowledge acquired even if such personnel do proceed on retirement.
What do you make of a nation where traditional rulers who should be the fathers of all of us serially interfere in the processes of postings and appointments to sensitive or influential positions in order to project the interest of either their wards or favoured ones?

In a supposed democracy, what will you also say of someone who became a governor because the people voted for him both the literate and illiterate only for him to transform himself to a dictator who instead of developing the State goes about demolishing people homes including those of the very low in the society as is obtainable in Kaduna State.

What will you also say of a supposed democrat who does unimaginable things to subvert the course of democracy as in Kaduna State?

The truth be told, this nation is under siege by a legion of demons. The entire system has been well calibrated to provide safe havens for all manners of criminals and outlaws. How can any decent system or society allow people who are under criminal investigation by the nation’s anti corruption agency be allowed to take part in an ongoing electoral process?
If such succeed in the gamble, they either become lawmakers making laws for the rest of us or as governors who will go on to enjoy a dubious immunity provided by the system. What happens in actual fact is that these criminals at every stage have a covering for the crimes committed previously or those they will be committing.

How can a terrible disaster such as just happened in Metele involving our boys in the theatre of operations have sustained such number of casualties not in the course of a military engagement be explained away? What is responsible for adopting a defensive posture and becoming sitting ducks for the insurgents to attack when and where they desire?
It is not as if the military commanders could not have known the tactical implications of sitting in defence. Now that the nation is in mourning our young men out there defending us what becomes of their families in these difficult times?.

This disaster is the product of negligence, either on the part of government or the commanders. The totality of the concept of the counter insurgency operations urgently requires a rethink. Typical of this nation, the disaster will be quickly forgotten as was the case of the September 26 C-130 crash at Ejigbo near Lagos in 1992 which took the lives of many officers of our armed forces.

Lastly, how can anyone explain the situation where the leadership sees nothing, hears nothing and therefore does nothing in a nation desirous of growth and development?
We are just lucky that Lucifer or his many agents have not decided to steal the territory called Nigeria because nobody will in the end be held responsible.

May the good Lord help us to overcome.

Written by Col. Gora Dauda (rtd)

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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