Nigerians Block Water Resources Minister Adamu From Borrowing €54M In Hungary [Watch Video]


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February 12, 2018



Nigerian Association In Hungary President presents a petition to the minister in Hungary against granting the loan.


Patriotic militancy was taken to new heights recently when a group of young Nigerians based in Hungary got angry over the blind thievery going on in their home country by the political class and took a step forward by successfully blocking Nigeria’s Minister for Water Resources, Engr. Adamu Hussaini who is a Fulani prince of Kazaure Emirate in Jigawa state, north west Nigeria from collecting a loan of €54 million, just for feasibility studies on water development and provision alone from the Hungarian government.



They organized themselves and went to the Hungarian Parliament with placards then presented their protest letter to the Speaker of parliament, thereafter, addressing a Press conference.

Their argument, marshalled by the leader of the Nigerian Union in Hungary was so eloquent point by point to convince the government of Hungary not to grant that loan that future generations of Nigerians would have been further yoked by.



Watch the video and see how persuasive their argument was and why there’s no basis for such a loan, especially from a country that does not have the kind of resources like crude oil and other minerals that Nigeria has.

What kind of new feasibility do they want when previous governments in the country have all the studies and recommendations already in the shelves and archives gathering dust while awaiting implementation, or are the politicians looking for hidden foreign exchange lockers to use at a future date without attention being drawn to malfeasance? Or disguised corruption?

Critical watchers ask those questions and many more.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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