‘Nigerians Horrified By Daily Killings’ – Peter Obi Assures On Tackling Security, Unemployment

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January 26, 2019

Peter Obi, PDP Vice presidential candidate.
By Mike Odeh James, Kaduna

Nigerians are horrified watching daily killing of fellow citizens and would be ready to ensure the present government is sacked.

Vice Presidential Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Peter Obi expressed this while fielding questions from participants at a Town Hall Meeting, held in Kaduna on Friday.

Obi said that in view of that, tackling security will be a top priority for the Alhaji Atiku Abubakar presidency if he emerges victorious it the Presidential polls on February 16, 2019.

Speaking further, he explained that the coordination of security agencies will be enhanced, with the PDP-led government, putting everybody where they ought to be, working together.

Vice Presidential Candidate said that security should be located where it is demanded.

“If you don’t have security of life and property, there is no society,” he added.

He lamented that without security, the country would be losing foreign investors, a situation that spells doom for the country’s economy.

“It is a question of what do you want to achieve in security. Will investors come if there’s no security? The incoming PDP government will tackle headlong, the issue of security,” he reassured.

Speaking further, he said that the unemployment rate in Nigeria today is record breaking, while assuring that Atiku will tackle unemployment by encouraging MSMEs to grow and employ people.

“If you tackle unemployment among the youth, you will reduce drastically, the issue of restiveness,” he pointed out.

On the issue of involving traditional institutions in tackling security challenges when asked by a participant, Obi said that it is crucial to involve them if the country is to make quick progress in tackling insecurity.

“There is no way you can tackle security issues without including the traditional rulers and community leaders. If you look at the drug abuse issue, it is on the increase within the last three years. APC government told Nigerians they would create jobs but failed. The absence of being engaged leads to those vices like criminality and drug abuse.

“Only last year about 5m people lost jobs. Incoming PDP government will collaborate with private sector and create jobs to end drug abuse.

“The Atiku Presidency will also ensure that drug dealers are arrested and prosecuted,” he assured.

When asked if women will be given better chances in the incoming government by a female participant, he said that Atiku is committed to engaging 70 per cent of youth in his government and a substantial number would be females.

“incoming government, Atiku will engage 70 per cent of youth for this to be realized, you must stay back and protect your votes.

“When you go out to vote, stand after voting do not go until the votes are counted. If all of you stay, nobody will attack you, but if you are alone, they might attack you,” he charged.

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Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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